World View Perspective: Re-evaluating who we are!

Once our Light shines within our system, anything and/or any aspect of an old sense of self can be energetically re-evaluated!  Like cleaning out that old closet!  Everything can be discerned in terms of fitting us or defining us in the past or fitting who we currently are!  This is not just shifting and changing roles or rules but rather re-evaluating who we truly are on a different level, a deeper layer of our truth! Asking ourselves if we truly know who we are on the deeper Heart/Soul level!  Allow for a moment or two of Grace to illuminate a clear picture of yourself from the depths!  Choosing the most positive, illuminated perspective to shine back within you!  With that brighter potential, take the time to re-evaluate your truer, clearer, more illuminated Self!  As we hold that in Higher/Highest regard, we become that very image, with more of our Light, shining back!  Old self-images move on like clouds on a rainy day!  Just like dusting off an old and covered mirror, we can clea

World View Perspective: Sometimes just a few letters will do

There are many complicated, complex notions, concepts, ideas, assumptions out there to figure out and accept our Light and the Grace that surrounds us!  It can feel overwhelming at times!  A more succinct way to frame it, see it, understand it is to think of these words that contain three simple letters, LOVE! Words that come to mind are: LOVE RESOLVE DISSOLVE EVOLVE ABSOLVE SOLVE AND MORE . . .  They also add meaning to why we need to seek the Light we carry, just by being here!  LOVE can easily clear away and clean away much of what gets in our way as human beings!!  When we openly, willingly, honestly Love the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy, we open to that vast Love of SOURCE ITSELF!!  Our Inner/Outer Light can grow and expand as needed to embrace that Truth of us! Love is the strongest FORCE/SOURCE in the Universe and it is why we are here!  When we know we are that Love, we can use it to bring clarity and peace to your human system as well as others!  It has an endle

World View Perspective: Forgiving ourselves from the past

  As we develop and grow, we shift, change and adapt to our changing circumstances!  This is usually considered maturity!  What we thought worked for us last month, may not work now!  Yet, as we get older, understanding more about how the world works in other ways, we can become less and less flexible in our thinking!  That means we can inadvertently, cling to old self identifications that are no longer who we are!  We can actually and energetically get stuck playing those same roles out, over and over, perhaps remaining quite unconscious in the process! The additional issue is, other people, most likely connected to our past, like family, can and will cling to that old identification as well!  This also keeps us feeling trapped in the past, unable to easily move forward! When we were developing and going, growing through our needed and necessary stages and ages, the skills, natural abilities, given talents and intellectual aptitudes were what we had to work with at each point! Yet, on

World View Perspective: Releasing the fear of the past

Looking again at the family imprint we were born into, once we can understand the family imprint and how we operated under it in terms of our behavior and our old identifications, we can release ourselves from its hold, domination and imposed structure on us!  As we begin to move forward into our ‘current day’ self, we will notice how our stuck chakras, or energy centers,  begin to shift and change as well!  Depending on how strong the family imprint was, we might feel as though any depression, repression, oppression or suppression we have experienced gets lifted!  It’s as if that heavy block has been unlocked and removed!   Our energy centers, the chakras, are located throughout our human systems!  In basic terms, the first one is below the pubic bone and is associated with the color red.  It is our grounding chakra, it connects us to earth! The second, located just above the pubic bone, is associated with the color orange and it relates to our family, our tribe, sexuality and money!

World View Perspective: Going beyond the family imprint

  As we develop within our families, we are given an imprint of some kind.  An overarching view of what’s expected.  It may or may not reflect a gender bias, a financial or educational expectation or a professional or work emphasis that scaffolds our learning and offers us a developmental push!  We might see this in all our relations because they have the same imprint!  If our path goes and grows in this direction, we will be applauded, encouraged, supported and positively rewarded through praise or frequently given attention that we are indeed a team player!  If we aren’t given to this expected nature, it could start to be a bumpy ride!  The family may start putting undue pressure on us or begin to choose other family members to get the job done!  We might go through feelings of being rejected, neglected, ignored, not loved, not wanted there or even dismissed because we aren’t living up to the imposed on us family imprint!  Our natural resistance to the imprint might be due to a diffe

World View Perspective: Releasing our naïve attachments

When painful things from our past continue to haunt us, it is a sign that it is time to let go of our naïve attachment to whatever it is!  Maybe it is the past itself!  Maybe an old identification of self!  Maybe it is an old identification of a group’s idea of us!  If it is causing us any degree of emotional pain, we need to surrender our attachment to it!  That old attachment must be freed up!  It might feel like an old tug or a tightening or just a mild discomfort in our solar plexus but, when we tune into our feelings, we can sense something feels wrong when we remember or think about certain people or situations!  These are signs our bodies are clinging to something from the past and that something can go now! Often, this can be unconscious!  We may feel it or maybe not!  Maybe we just know something is off every time we visit our families or run into that old love or speak to that old friend!  What’s off is we have most likely outgrown that situation, group, collective activity o

World View Perspective: Equal to the pain, we chase the cure

When we are in pain or in fear, we might do anything to find the cure and chase it for all its worth!  Often, to extremes!  When we practice extremes of any kind, however, we get out of balance and get into unhealthy loops of behavior!     Such as a stressful day of work means extra wine at dinner!  Or a change in finances means more chocolate, as if we’re compromising!  What we want is to heal, to rebalance, to find a way to feel better!  To not lean this way or that, but rather to find, maintain or sustain that middle ground!  To ground ourselves back to who we are! To be in a human physical body means we have many experiences to go through for our maturity, growth and expansion!  We are, after all, here to learn! Not all our experiences are pleasant or worth repeating and it may be years later that it occurs to us, maybe we shouldn’t have gone that direction at all! Waking up from this process may mean judging ourselves harshly, condemning our past actions or being deeply buried in