World View Perspective: Recalibrating the Rings of Fear

When we have experienced trauma, it is like a tree being hit by lightening.  Many of the rings in the tree are affected, effected and impacted.  The trauma is experienced at the time.  It can prevent the tree from growing and going in its right direction and even halting the expected  growth of the tree from it's roots. Theses 'rings of fear' can go out and traumatize the tree for years to come unless and until we consciously go in and recalibrate the trauma and the consequent fear. We do this by becoming as conscious as we can of our trauma.   Even digging through the emotions of it as far as we can.  Think of getting a sliver of wood in your arm.  It hurts at the time and maybe we forget about it or ignore it or dismiss it.  So it continues to go deeper so now we hide the arm from others and begin to think we did something wrong.  We'd rather deny that sliver got in there to begin with than to turn and face it.  Now, maybe it is infected and truly feeling it and exper

World View Perspective: Being BOLD or being 'bowled over'

When we were  developing into adulthood, we may have had a strong aspect to our personality.  Something we knew, understood, had developed previously or had an instinct for. We may have arrived into our family of origin, carrying this  strength for ourselves or the family.  When we  exposed or expressed this strong suit, members of our family may have pushed back, criticized, judged, rejected or devalued us, making us doubt ourselves.  In that self-doubt, perhaps we stopped sharing our inherent strength because the people closest to us would not, could not hear it or accept us.  We were not well received, believed or conceived of knowing anything else to be true but what they knew.  Therefore, sub-consciously or unconsciously, we were instead programmed by what those before us knew.  Not only knew but what they were expecting to see in us, hear in us, witness in us, reflecting their limitations.  As we then played out the roles and rules imposed on us, reflecting society, our families,

World View Perspective: Utilizing our LIGHT to reveal what's hidden

Seeking, finding and understanding our own inner and surrounding LIGHT, we can  develop an awareness to receive clarity and consciousness, which enables us to understand even more about life, love and ourselves.  Another feature of our own LIGHT is to uncover our own shadowy idea of our self; which enables us to see what we may have stuffed away, hidden from ourselves and others.  This may have been due to a wound, a trauma, family denial, old ancestral pain or deep confusion regarding the past.  According to Carl Jung, the Swiss Psychologist, once our unconscious self comes to LIGHT, it cannot return to the darkness again.  He goes on to discuss archetypes that we may have adopted to get to and through our life.  Perhaps we are acting them out because we adapted to them to help us cope and survive.  We  also have sub-personalities that we may have created, too, based on our personalities.  For example, if our parents loved our sense of humor and therefore it was reinforced by our fami

World View Perspective: When what tainted us, 'taint' ours!

When we are born, our human systems are fresh and new, untainted.  We are innocent and open, in a pure form!  As we grow and develop,  however, we begin to take on the taint of those around us and, in time, we begin to think that is who we are because we feel it as us. Think of a fresh, clean open pond.  You have just cleaned it out and put in fresh water, a new filter and scraped off anything old and unnecessary. You see it as fresh and sparkling.  The next day, you get up and look  outside and now there are sticks, rocks and leaves in it.  What has happened is your cleaned out area is now tainted by what has affected it!  It needs cleaning, clearing out again so it can return to its natural clear state and full function as a pond. We are the same.  When we have been tainted by the taint of others, as found in ancestral pain, for example, we can be cluttered up by another's taint, which does not belong to us.  Maybe our families have  alcoholics, maybe drug users, perhaps bank rob

World View Perspective: Wholeness at our core

Beyond our ego, past our age old hurts, after releasing and clearing all old imbalances, there lies our inherent sense of wholeness!  Our own Yin/Yang, our own female/male and our own sense of light and dark!  It may take a clear depth of healing and difficult ‘shadow work’, as Carl Jung would suggest but it is there!  It contains our own conscious awareness of WHO WE ARE inside and outside us! We can access this True Self and let it shine!  It is made of sunshine because sunshine is energy ITSELF and SO ARE WE! The concept of separation is not Truth!  There is one large universe and beyond that we are connected to and a part of!  There are many names to this endless field of possibilities: God, Grace, Source, Spirit, Great Spirit, Buddha, Christ and it goes on from there!  In Essence, it is our own Light!  Recognizing, accepting, understanding and learning to listen to this Light can and will enhance your life on many varying levels!  It can illuminate our darkest shadows, our old hur

World View Perspective: The Core of Our Sunlight

  We may have forgotten this but, at our core, we are made of sunlight!  The sun in our world never stops shining, never has to remember to shine and it shines no matter what.  This is also true at our core essence.  Our center within never stops shining either. Yes, life can momentarily cover up our sunlight with heavy thoughts, worrisome feelings, fear based thinking or troublesome anxiety but once we remember our core sunlight, that level of consciousness can push through whatever is blocking it! Our Core Light surrounds us, grounds us and guides us always towards greater and greater awareness, realization and consciousness as we go to and through life!  It is our Truth speaking to us from within!  We cannot help but be this LIGHT, we cannot be separate from it! The actual sun in our world shines right on to us and through us as us!  It is a strong and consistent force that helps us find our way!  Our inner, always present sunlight, shines right on back to the SOURCE OF THAT LIGHT,

World View Perspective: Releasing old hard feelings, leading with Heart

Old hard feelings stuffed away in our minds, emotions and/or physical bodies prevent our WHOLENESS from shining through! It blocks our ability to lead with Heart, which is our True Nature!  Leading with Heart awakens all the Hearts around us!  It energetically allows and invites the Heart to open, to speak and to communicate what LOVE actually is! LOVE, LIGHT AND LIFE come from SOURCE!  We all come from SOURCE and we return to SOURCE, too!  The Great Cosmic Soul is SOURCE!  It’s LOVE, LIGHT AND LIFE is abundance in the making!  We have simply forgotten this!  Our human mind and our five senses can keep us focused on all earthly pursuits, taking us away from what our Heart has to say!REMEMBERING TO LISTEN MATTERS! As we grow and develop, we learn what our parents know and we see how life is done, their way!  That is also often based on what their parents and grandparents taught them!  It is a foundation and active demonstration that helps us to build our lives!  Until or unless, a deepe