World View Perspective: If God exists, why are so many people broken?

If God exists, or even the energy of wholeness exists, why are so many people broken?  Wouldn't it make sense that we can just take those aspects out of us and replace them with the Light of wholeness and poof . . . all is well again?  In theory we can but in practice it will take time and vigilance.  

We have a human system with so many components and aspects, along with life experiences, influences, impacts and perceptions that is difficult to keep everything clear, clean, balanced and healed, whole and happy.  Our intellect might be clear, our emotions might be a mess, our mind might be cluttered and our psychological self is happy yet how balanced will we be?

If we consider that we have our ego self and our soul self, until we know about our soul self, our ego self sets out on it's journey.  It is developed in early childhood and guided on by parents, siblings, teachers, friends, extended family, bosses and co-workers, our own children, etc., and as it is, it forms an identi…

World View Perspective: Our right to be happy, healthy and in harmony with our self

Deep in our core, we have the right to feel happy, healthy and in harmony with our self.  Maybe we don't currently feel this way but we do have this most fundamental right.  Why is that?  Because deep within our core, we carry the Light of Divine, which connects us to the great Cosmic Soul.

Our individual soul gets covered up in this world while we go through so many levels and layers of growth, development and change on all levels; intellectual, mental, emotional, physical, psychological, sexual and social experiences throughout our lifetimes!  We all have a path and a purpose and until that is uncovered and discovered, we must continue on our way, going through whatever is in our way as we continue to learn who we are!

We can store a lot of memories in our human systems, many that we forget about or would have no idea what we stored away or why.  We can go years without acknowledging these exist.  Yet, when our health is affected, impacted or effected, we may begin to wonder what …

World View Perspective: Applying Faith to fear, an inner dialogue

Fears get stuck in our human systems because we are taught to hide them at all costs.  We literally file them away into our organs, our thoughts, our feelings and even deep into our cells.  We protect them from peering eyes, worried that others will think less of us, worried that we'll be seen as inadequate, less capable, not valued, wanted, seen or heard if we should reveal any sign of weakness.  To dislodge these trapped fears, one needs to apply inner Faith.

Faith can be imagined as a sense of clear and clean pure bright Light.  Faith can be experienced as pure Trust in that Light as guiding us from an inner place of awareness.  When Faith guides our well being, we can surrender any and all fears to our inner Faith and they will dissipate.  'Fear knocked on the door, Faith answered and no one was there'. (Author Unknown)

Giving voice to our fears and trusting our own inner Faith is listening, is one way to activate our own inner dialogue.  To feel our fears is to heal our…

World View Perspective: Begin with the perspective of wholeness

To heal any and all parts of us, we must begin with a perspective of wholeness.  Trusting that in the light of our LIGHT, we are already there!  In our LIGHT, we are already whole and complete!  In our human life or experiences of life, we might feel like that is not the truth or we are actually divided out in some way!  We may be right after experiencing how others in our life have treated us, 
misunderstood us, neglected or abused us in some intentional or unintentional way.  A true path to healing is to remember that we have experienced a lot but, in truth, we are not any of it.  It may be our systems active, present or retaining the past experience that holds it and yet in current day, that is not actually the case.

Fear is a great example of this!  We may have been bitten by a snake three times.  It hurt and it hurt us all three times but now we are terrified it will happen again.  The fear may not be real because now, you live where there aren't any threats of snakes.  Now, we…

World View Perspective: The yearning for Cosmic connection

In the depth of us is the yearning for the Highest connection.  It may feel like a distant memory, a deep recollection, an active pursuit or just a meandering dream!  That doesn't matter.  What matters is what we do with that yearning.  Pursuing the spiritual path is a worthwhile way forward.  There are a wide range of teachers, sacred places, a myriad of knowledgeable books, known paths of others or just constantly trusting your own intuition and watching where it takes you.

The answers are ultimately found within.  Within us is a deep fountain of truth.  An endless well of well Being.  It is like a pearl, waiting within the oyster shell.  It isn't without aim either.  It is truthfully guiding you somewhere useful.

Life teaches us many roles and rules to follow.  We have examples of this everywhere.  Our parents, our histories, movies, TV shows, teachers, counselors, employers, etc., and yet within us are many, many teachings too.  Like a subtle moral compass, always pointing u…

World Wide Perspective: Trusting the Cosmic Truth

When we only use our limited five senses, we forgot the bigger picture, staying only as clear as our limitations allow us.  Those limitations remain our only truth. Gratitude for our senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste is of great value but going beyond them to understand the Cosmic Truth is essential, too.

Remembering our Light, expands our thinking, putting us in touch with the Oneness and Wholeness of Life Itself.  From this perspective, we know that our True Self and all around us, as well as all living things, are a similar vibration of Love and Light as there is no separation.

Understanding and using that vibration of Light, ever present around us and surrounding us is the best, most lasting healing tool possible and it is never gone.  It cannot be used up or drained dry because it is the very Light that sustains all of life.

That LIGHT is present throughout our system, and as such, we can actively, consciously use it to clear out and clean out any and all blocks that …

World View Perspective: Self Love is Infinite LOVE at it's core

Many experiences in life can throw us off our balance and make us question our existence.  Our minds can whir, our emotions can go high and low and even our physical well being can become impacted.  Yet, at our deepest core, there is an Infinite LOVE within us and it is quite capable of grounding us and, further, keeping us clear!  It is easy to feel separate and consequently, we forgot that there is a ONENESS deep within us and that is our True center.  Accessing this True Center Within, allows us to begin releasing from the pettiness of life that we might be knotted up by after years of going through some life cycles that have, perhaps, worn us down or impacted us negatively.  We can decide, for example, that we weren't a good person, that we made terrible choices, took ridiculous chances, hurt or harmed people intentionally and those belief systems can become very stuck.  Consequently, we can spend much of our life, unable to move freely out of that old vibration of falsehood.