World View Perspective: Freedom from our past wounds

If we imagine a thorn going into our arm from a rose bush outside our selves and it buries itself deep into our arm, we can imagine the pain we'd feel.  However, if we don't take immediate action to remove it, that thorn can dig deeper into our arm and we can forget it is there! Perhaps over time, with even greater infection, then it can render our arm useless.  Maybe we don't want to remember it went into our arm, maybe we don't want to remember where it came from or maybe even consider why it might be there.  We might just want to forget about it even existing.

Yet, gone untreated, that nasty torn can become our own undoing because we denied it ever existed.  We might feel like it is our own fault it is even there.  However, if it goes unchecked, the long term havoc that it can ensue is tremendous!

The thorn can be likened to people's attitudes towards us in terms of their anger, jealousy, envy, hatred, bias, a need to get ahead or just plain rudeness but it can ha…

World View Perspective: Our basic freedoms

To exercise our basic ongoing happiness and health, four basic freedoms invite the ease of this continued self-loving effort for our basic shifts and changes to support greater evolution.  They are: our freedom to think freely, freedom to feel freely, freedom to express ourselves freely and freedom of movement and motion.  When we have and exercise these four freedoms, our health and happiness increases because we literally feel safe to be and feel like ourselves.

These freedoms also allow and invite us to deeply value who we are as ourselves.  When our sense of self-value and self-worth are strong enough, consistent enough, applied often enough, we begin to heal on the most fundamental and spiritual levels.

The world may not have reflected value or worth in us as we are because of the structure of life and what most people believe is inherently human.  We all tend to follow the footsteps of those who came before us and consequently, we feel safer and more secure doing what we saw our p…

World View Perspective: Elitist thinking blocks the heart/soul self

No matter how strong our heart/soul self may be, when elitist thinking takes over, the heart/soul self will not be visible.  Elitist thinking, like other kinds of negative, isolating thoughts, can and does derail the best of our human intentions.  

Oneness, wholeness, The Collective are terms that apply to the entire Humankind presence on earth, including, too, all living things.  When our Hearts and Souls reach out to share our LIGHT to include the whole of life, divided thinking must go because it forms negative boundaries that are harmful and hurtful because ultimately, they are not true.

Throughout time, it seems, there are always those who have more, have been given more or who received more, which creates, of course, the opposite energy of those who have less, are given less and who have received less.  It is part of the balance and re-balance of life.  The issue comes when there is elitist thinking, elevating the thinker, thereby lowering those that they deem below them.  This cr…

World View Perspective: When we work with our Light, our Light works with us

When we imagine our Highest, Brightest Light, that Light responds to us.  When we set our Highest Intention to consciously work with our Light, it consciously, actively works with us.  It is the sense of collaborating with the Highest Light we can imagine.

The Intention of our Highest Light is to lift our Highest Consciousness to it.  Accessing it's clear strength to work in our system to clear up and away any and all blocks to understanding who we are and how we feel.  It can clear up the past, it can take away any pain, no matter how deep, and transform it and transmute it into a greater consciousness.

It is like an automatic fountain of pure water that constantly recycles old, stagnant water, freshening it and replenishing it as it cycles through a great purifying filter.

As we grow and develop our human aspects, we are unconscious in many respects until or unless we continue to grow, develop, mature and develop our spiritual essence, too.  We can just follow our human programming…

World View Perspective: As our soul lifts up, the Cosmic Soul descends

The Union between our individual human soul and the Great Cosmic Soul puts them in direct inner dialogue and as such, as one lifts up, the other spontaneously descends because we are not separate.  When enough cries go out for a greater Truth, Understanding and Compassion, for example, then the response occurs and the Cosmic Soul begins it's descent.  It is always present but not always in our awareness.  This Soul returns again and again to guide the masses to re-balance the earth and our selves through conscious awareness.  To remind us who we are; which is Light, Love and Truth in a human form.

Our small minded selves, trapped by social/family norms and appropriate behaviors, responses and behaviors are needed in life to a point.  It is important to understand life in those terms and to play out our societal rules and roles and humanistic programming.  Yet, beyond those aspects of who we are, there are other layers and levels to how we can see, know and understand the world, our…

World View Perspective: The Descent of Cosmic Consciousness

To truly seek the truth, our soul calls out to the Cosmic soul in a quest, a true and sincere aspiration to know, see, recognize and realize the greater Truth; to understand why we are here and what our purpose is in this and each lifetime.  It seeks to manifest itself, to become whole and True to Itself, clearing away the falsehoods until the 'open field' appears!

To bring down into one's self, life and location, the Cosmic soul, to and through a human form, brings that whole vibration into earth, allowing so much to shift, change and transform.  Earth shifts, all living things shift, our human individuality shifts and changes to allow for the transformation.

Like the welcoming of a new baby into a home, a set of parents and an extended family.  Everyone and everything must make space and create time to welcome in the new arrival and then shift, change and adapt to the new growth, expansion and fresh beginning for all around it.  After some time, everyone has adapted and al…

World Wide Perspective: Our inner worth is knowing who we are

Life offers us the great possibility of an inner and outer life.  We learn so much in our early years from parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, teachers then spouses, our own children, co-workers and bosses as well as neighbors and in-laws.  We develop a sense of ourselves and skills to get along in society, at work, socially and in our families.  With our outer physical, mental, emotional and intellectual overall development, we grow into a clear idea of our selves.  We meet people and interact, enjoying companionship and connection.  This forms an even greater outer sense of our self, utilizing our personality, our sense of humor and our means of communication.  The self we show the outside world.  Yet, within us all, too, is a more sensitive, attuned nature and our own personal understanding of who we are and how we feel as our outer self is effected by, affected by, impacted by and possibly infected by others and other experiences in our lives.  Going even deeper with our sel…