World View Perspective: Our happiness and health is an inside job

Human misery is an all too common theme!  Yes, it is in the world and in our human systems and yet, true and pure spiritual J. O. Y. is an inside energy, ALWAYS accessible too.  Why then don't we utilize a most Loving, Light based, Healing inner tool when it already exists?

Simple answer?  Because no one has taught us who we are and therefore what we can use to do our own healing; inspiring our own greater health and happiness.

Formations, foundations, structures, businesses, education systems all become closed systems that manage and control how we think, act and behave because they can appeal to the masses.  To coordinate, control, dominate, make people follow endless rules and roles, certain factors must appeal to large groups of people to keep people moving in that direction  We all grow up watching this, learning this, following this, adhering to this until we awaken further.  That's when we realize and recognize that that simply isn't true for all times and we can find…

World View Perspective: The LIGHT must win

Our core nature is LIGHT.  It is where we came from and it is where we are going.  Our human covering allows us to do what we came here to do but we are inspired by the Light within us.  Knowing that LIGHT, Loving that LIGHT, Understanding that LIGHT and Collaborating with that LIGHT is our purpose here.  The LIGHT must win during and throughout our lifetimes.  It wins by us remembering, recognizing and re-embracing who we are through how we live!

Faith in OUR INNER LIGHT is what guides our ship, guides our lives, shows us the way by shining the Truth to us and through us.

All our other facilities are useful to get us there, too.  A sharp intellect, an active decisive mental ability, a clear emotional nature, a feeling and perceptive psychological aspect and a strong and capable physical structure are all helpful tools and operations but to know one's own Spirit, LIGHT and SOURCE is to truly KNOW WHO WE ARE at a core level.

LOVING LIGHT, LOVE and LIFE and our core Self invites in a g…

World View Perspective: Clearing the old shadow skirts

When we have been gossiped about, judged, accused, criticized in the past or bullied, those old memories can remain with us, swirling around our thoughts, interfering with our feelings and causing us to continue to think we are those old experiences.  The truth is we are not.  They are simply old shadow skirts, hanging about in the shadows, skirting around our current, present self, acting as great distractions!  See them as old, black webbed skirts that you have outgrown.  Have a clear sense of removing them, tossing them away and instead circling around you fresh new light.  Using gold, silver, white or pink light will act as protection and encourage current day energy, not the negative influences of the past!  It is easy for these old shadow skirts to visit us and negativitely influence our thinking and feeling and even actions.  When we learn how to clear them and keep them off, we will feel happier, healthier and receive greater clarity.  A positive reminder is to whisper to your…

World View Perspective: When we forget we're Light

When we forget we are Light, we get lost in the dark.  We cannot see life and LOVE clearly and we have lost our way.  When distraction, illusion, separation, anger, fear, doubt or systematic programming seize our system, blinding us from who we are, we can lash out, become cruel, punitive and small.  We can hurt, harm, destroy, alienate or crush other people and life itself.

The main human aspect that blinds us and binds us is ego.  Once our ego versus our Bigger Heart/Soul Self runs the show, we can all be plunged into deep darkness, fighting our way back to the LIGHT to UNITE with our TRUTH!

When we remember our Inner LIGHT, we will naturally realize how we are all connected.  Consciousness is everywhere, like a vast web of LIGHT that connects us to the Cosmos, the Universe, all living things and the most amazing Earth we live on.  There is Beauty, Love, Truth, Grace and LIGHT in this web and we are all that, carrying a most truthful inner connection of Purity to ALL THAT IS!

That is o…

World View Perspective: Accessing your own Inner Light

If we can imagine a pond in us, which is like our personal emotional nature, we can see it is possibly full of rocks, stones, old debris, unnecessary leaves, dark murky water.  All of which may be the result of old buried hurts, misunderstandings, confusion, traumas and dramas, perhaps all experienced or played out long ago!  It is no longer current but because it has not been cleaned out or released, it will continue to taunt us and daunt us.  It will make us feel heavy, depressed, held down and back and possibly unwell, until or unless, we begin to clear it and cleanse it, refilling it with new Light.

We have all been taught that we have to suck up our pain, hurts, anger and strife instead of transform it, heal it and truly let it go.  Yet, the art and practices of forgiveness, gratitude and being present in current day tell us and teach us to be loving towards ourselves and others and letting go is actually a gift!

At the bottom of our inner emotional ponds, deep in the core of us, t…

World View Perspective:Transforming being miserly, to misery, to mystery, to mastery

When we hold onto money as a way to define who we are and clamp down on being generous, we are effectively telling the Universe we don't believe in Abundance.  When all we do is bargain, we energetically 'bar-gain'.  Trusting that we will have all we need as we need it or trusting the right opportunities will show themselves when and as we need them, too, shows a greater faith in the Law of Abundance and in the Universe for providing what's needed.

People who are too miserly bring misery into their lives due to fear!  In that mind set, we fear others will take what we have, we fear loss of what we are clinging to and worse of all we fear the loss of our definition of self.  We shut ourselves off to other possibilities and potentialities because we want what we have for ourselves.

Once the misery sets in due to our fear based actions, many things can start to go wrong; a health crisis, a sudden loss that requires a financial output, family members in need, a sick child.  …

World View Perspective: Spiritual liberation

When we go on a spiritual journey or path to understand our own inner Light, we can still have a sense of being separate.  Yet, in the wholeness of who we truly are, that LIGHT becomes who we are in our fullest awareness.  In the field of existence, the energy of ONENESS is who we are.

Our Light or Spirit serves as our inner guidance, reminding us who we are, without the ego's identification of separation.  In that 'spirit' of truth, we realize we can expand well beyond any boundaries or limitations that our human mind, or the minds of others, might impose on us.  To trust our inner light, to let it guide us, to allow it's ultimate Love and Life in us, as us, sounds daunting, to be sure.  Yet, it is that Union with our Spirit or Light, that will guide us correctly because of the mutual benefit and purpose.

Our Light or Spirit only wants what is best for us.  The more Light or Spirit we can carry and shine, the more we transform ourselves into a Higher Vibrancy.  To recog…