World View Perspective: Faith in our core Self

When we imagine a core sense of self/Self within, we can imagine how that core self feels.  Maybe we imagine all the old hurts, confusions, distractions, anger, sadness popping up like animals in some arcade game.  If we allow all those images to transform, disappear, fade, leave or dissolve, we can begin to feel a Light shining through.  A sense of core 'ok-ness', a sense of wonder, a sense of Grace and an even deeper sense of Being One with the Universe and Cosmic realms.  As if the Biggest LIGHT and TRUTH is shining to us and through us, as us, and it is our TRUE anchor and our TRUE GOODNESS!

When we allow our deepest HOPE, FAITH and LOVE to open us back to ourselves, we begin to heal everything that has harmed us in some way or anything our self believed it was, although it wasn't!

It is like a portal into a much more vast TRUTH realm and an active sense we are not separate from it and never could be.  It links us to LOVE, Self-Acceptance, Self-Respect and Self-Compassio…

World View Perspective: When we know we aren't the wounds or the comfort

Being human, we can identify with the wounds we have experienced and attach to the comforts we seek because of the wounds we are aware of.  It becomes a cycle of self-fulfillment to continue being identified with both extremes.  However, these are human experiences and not the truth of who we are.

Our truth lies in the center of those two extremes.  It lies in the balance of heart, mind, body and soul.  It lies at the center of our being/BEING self.  The true core of who we are within us.

There is a core self within us who is clear, clean, Loving and pure.  It is our inner witness to the life we are living.  It doesn't judge, criticize, condemn or treat us badly.  It is an inner Presence.  It is our individual soul self, connected to the Great Cosmic Soul, the Eternal, Living Presence.  It is always within us, clear and Conscious, even though we can forget it, stop listening to it, ignore it and yet, it remains Present and Pure.

When we begin to recognize we aren't the pain of an…

World View Perspective: Unlocking our system's fears

The continual conscious, active work of collaborating with our human consciousness and the BIGGER CONSCIOUSNESS is an ongoing evolution.  Our very cells carry LIGHT and they can be renewed with positive intention to activate that inherent LIGHT!  That LIGHT is capable of shining all the way back to and through the Universal and Cosmic planes of existence.

That LIGHT is also capable of engaging our human system to lighten and brighten our self and our world and others in our world and also, it is useful in erasing and eradicating our collective and individual fears.

Fears can be big or small or hide, never appearing at all!  They can be imaginary, real, projected, fed, created in childhood, handed down from parents, consciously or unconsciously, or a small seed can become a great big living tree within or it can be a continual fear or a continual condition, causing perpetual fears.  Finding the fears to clear them or cancel them in order to function better within ourselves, within a grou…

World View Perspective: The Consciousness of Wholeness

Imagining a very large white circle of white light standing up and we are in the center of it, we can imagine a reflection of white light, beaming through it as a picture of us in our WHOLENESS STATE!  We can feel that image, see that image and know that image as TRUTH.

While we are holding that image in our mind, we might notice in the vision of it any sense of divide, separation or confusion.  Like a different energy has pierced our purified white light image.  If we consciously, actively release that sense of the different energy into the vibration of WHOLENESS, the wholeness energy, our True Vibration, will bring it up to the surface.  It is like a thorn rising out of the totally healed arm so that any interference is removed.  It is like having the falsehood lifted right up and taken away!

It is like shining a flashlight into a darkened corner, suddenly all is illuminated.  This is the memory of being WHOLE and COMPLETE!  We are already our WHOLENESS, and yet it is just possible an…

World View Perspective: When we make the heart and soul the priority

Our individual heart and soul is connected to the Cosmic HEART and SOUL.  In that pure relationship, we are connected to a much bigger picture and experience.  In that UNION of unions, we understand and are so much more.

When we can stand in our own 'open field' without blame, shame, ill will, negativity from or towards the past and we can fully experience that depth of True Connection.

When we make the heart and soul the priority in us, we open to the Collective Humanity in us all, as well as connect to the Great Cosmic Soul we came from.

We see life in our WHOLENESS, instead of the fragments life and others have shown us and decided we are or were, without question.  We release the judgments towards us or judgments towards ourselves or our own judgments towards others.  The walls of judgement cannot stay in LIGHT OF OUR WHOLENESS.

It is all part and parcel of our growth from human experiences into our Greater Divine Nature.  The overall goal is to expand our thinking, feeling an…

World View Perspective: When we fill our own inner bucket

Our human development encourages us to look outside ourselves to receive the definitions of ourselves.  To use all those around us as mirrors to reflect to us who we are.  Society does it, our families do it and our closest friends do it.  Yet those same people, consciously or unconsciously, can poke 'holes' in our own inner bucket or worse, draining out our more positive sense of self.  Maybe not meaning to or wanting to but it happens on the energetic plane.  The holes could be gashes, gnashes, scraps and major punctures and we have no idea it is even happening.  We may just not feel well after a meal with them or even just standing for family pictures and yet, because they are family, our parents or our own children, we can sometimes just tolerate it for the sake of connection.  Maybe even tolerate it without question for years, unaware of the energetic damage it is causing.

If we can imagine our own 'inner bucket' of Light, Love, and Self-Acceptance and imagine that…

World View Perspective: We are not what the world shows us

Our parents do us a great service, whether they meet all our needs or not.  They have the responsibility to teach us how best to survive in the world, based on what they know, understand and have experienced themselves.  If they are limited to just basic information, knowledge, experience or education, whether it is due to gender limitations, financial restrictions or based on their parents and their limitations, they cannot offer more than what they know.  Gratitude and forgiveness for what they provided is essential for our growth and, in many cases, our current health and happiness and certainly for our healing.

As adults, one of the greatest gifts we can receive is the developed ability to discern what was 'fed' to us by others, beginning in early childhood when we were not able to discern for ourselves.  As we grow and develop, we play out all the expectations, assumptions, self-images, imposed needs, old hurts, old anger, old resentments from those around us, whether subc…