World View Perspective:. When our personal self forgives all and trusts Spirit

At our very core, our personal sense always stands at the ready to defend itself against all enemies, even it's self!!  It holds onto all the pain, regrets, disappointments, past punishments and angry defenses, real or imagined!  It is like a heavy tainted pond that only grows heavier and more toxic with time!Yet within that pond, lies a golden opportunity for transformation, shift and change for our self!  Personal emotions are like river currents as they ebb and flow!!  Positivity and negativity go hand in hand and move in a pattern of highs and lows throughout our day, our life and our lifetimes!  We can't always move through them, identify them or resist them.  Forgiving the negative ones is always possible and forgiving ourselves, too, is key to a very happy, healthy life!!Forgiving our selves and and others, our Spirit, which is at the core of our life's vitality, direction and purpose!  Our Spirit that shines Love, Light and Life into us at all times!  We cannot be …

World View Perspective: When we wise up, we rise up

When we access our wisest self, we begin to rise up from a point of Higher Inner Grace.  We remember our Inner Light and we experience what it feels like to be in Union with that Higher Light of Understanding, Compassion and Love.  We know from that point of Inner View, that we are, in fact, all connected and part of that unseen field of endless Grace!
Our inherent wisdom tells us that all of life is essentially ONE and even Earth is an alive and living entity, too.  The ONE FORCE and ONE SOURCE that exists in the Cosmic and Universal planes, is not separate from us because that simply cannot be the case.  It is life and we are life, it is LIGHT and we are LIGHT!  It is the ego that sees the separation and believes it.  Yes, the art of discernment must come in.  
You can witness a monkey climbing on a tree and feel the ONENESS between you but if that monkey climbs down the tree and grabs your keys, you'd react because you'll need them to drive home.  You then boundary yourself f…

World View Perspective: As the Heart descends

In all the current confusion, unrest and disarray, a clearing is occurring.  A dusting off of the way the old structure was working.  A removal of over-burdened excess, like someone clearing off furniture and moving it around to eliminate the build-up of dust under the old tattered and torn couch!  After the work is done, a new era, a new space, a greater room can be ushered in.
Yes, there is loss, pain, worry and stress about why this is all happening and affecting so many people, families and groups of human beings around the globe.  In the clouds of confusion, despair, sadness and fear, we also have the opportunity to heal and transform and begin anew!
As if the Queen herself is arriving for afternoon tea, the whole space and place must be cleaned, aired out and fresh new bold changes must have taken place!  Then once that has happened, the improved area is perfect for the Queen to arrive, thrive and survive the time and space, right on time!
If, in fact, the Heart of the Infinite Bei…

World View Perspective: Eliminating punishments from the past

Without being particularly aware of it, we carrying the remnants of old punishments around, hidden away inside of us.  We learn how to swallow our experiences of being punished because they are painful experiences to have and they are even more painful to hold.
Again, if we see our inner sense of self like a pond that was full of golden Light when we were born, it is easy to see how that 'pond' might have been affected and impacted throughout the course of our life to date.
When we are young and innocent, we have no idea who could hurt us or why.  We don't yet have the consciousness to see negative things that might impact us come from others who could have issues and past unresolved pain that is still impacting them in negative, old ways.  It could be young people our same age that are jealous, fearful, envious or angry that they aren't us.  We don't know and we don't know why they or their words would hurt us!  Because of our not knowing, we can take their hurt…

World View Perspective: One forest, many trees

We all carry Infinite Light and Energy of the Cosmic Soul because we cannot be separate.  Our existence is not different from the existence of the Great Cosmic Soul. The ONENESS that we are is LIFE!  Unity with that Light is why we are here!  When our consciousness is just coming from our ego or our physical body, social arenas, connections to others who share our perspective only, we can forget there is just one forest but within it, there are many trees.
The shape, color, style, height, age, name of each tree isn't what's important.  What's important is that it is there!  It matters and it counts because it is alive and living right where it is located in the one big forest.  It matters because it exists.
The space it occupies matters, the place where it needs to grow matters, how long it has taken for it to be full, matters, too.  Yet, that one tree among many doesn't fight for it's space, place or the right to be where it is. It has a natural right to be there an…

World View Perspective: Remembering who we are

We are BEINGS of INFINITE POSSIBILITIES AND POTENTIAL.  We are connected to a much greater field of existence.  

When we are brought up within our families, we are taught and shown many, many things about life, love, survival and connection to family!  They are useful, needed, wanted, desired and necessary skills and experiences, whether they are painful, difficult, challenging, wonderful, loving or fulfilling! Our families are usually our first exposure to lessons and experiences regarding life.

Yet, not all aspects of life we can possibly learn or want to learn are just found within our limited structured frame work of the past!  Often, it is relatively one dimensional thinking, feeling and an acceptable way of life, rich with needed and necessary skills, development and understanding but lacking visions and development of the bigger picture.  We learn about how our bodies function and what they need, we learn our names, our gender, our schooling, our family lineage, what is expected …

World View Perspective: When the world is led through HEART

In changing times, when there is such a 'great pause' in our daily lives, it gives us a chance to view the world and ourselves in a new way.  How best to proceed when all we have counted on gives way.  How do we see ourselves and our lives when all is changing around us.  When our stability is threatened, our established ways are altering, our way forward is currently blocked, what do we now have to turn to?

The first thing to realize is we must allow our self image to shift and change and give ourselves time to develop into a new self, ready to adapt to changes.  We need to do so gently and without judgement.  Digging down deep, we can accept changes of courage, boldness and access a deeper truth within us.  See it as a well that has been on our property that has now gone dry.  Do you dig down deeper to access water again?  Do you move your drilling site further out by your property line, do you borrow your neighbors's well or do you pull up your stakes and find your next …