World View Perspective: Our positive light overcomes darkness

It is a classic tale, perhaps, but also our truth!  When our mind is clear and remains clearly focused on our Highest View, remaining grounded in current moments of our lives, our whole system becomes illuminated, releasing any and all of our stuck, old, repetitive negativity!  Hidden negativity we might not even know exists.

Negative thoughts and feelings that become trapped in our system can fester, causing more and more negativity, which breeds itself!  Disease can manifest because our system is out of balance with too much negativity.

Again, see your emotional system like a pond!  Look and see what is in it, is it harmful, is it negative, is it toxic?  Has it been tainted, allowed to rot, has it gone unattended too long?    These can be difficult questions but without blaming yourself, the insights you can receive are most useful, especially for self-healing, when we're honest with ourselves!  When we equate our emotional body to a pond, for the sake of self-reflection, we can s…

World View Perspective: The human vortex of need

When fear eats a way at us, pulling us deeper into a vortex of human need, we lose our inner way and instead look outwardly, holding onto anything that looks like it will hold us upright.

We want to think we have found it in this and that, when in fact, that may not be the case at all.  What we want to think about other people, what we want to think about ourselves and what we want to think about the bigger world can be a far cry from the Truth.

When we are first programmed by our parents, we will strive to copy and emulate what they have showed us.  We will align our loyalties with where they put theirs.  We will copy what they think or thought or told us to think until life shows us we can no longer go down that road.

It is quite the rude awakening to realize it or to wake up to our own realities, far from what were their realities.  Remaining grateful for all they taught us, mirrored to us, guided us to see for ourselves or even showed us what not to do, helps us grow and feel gratitu…

World View Perspective: The voice of the HEART must become louder than the mind

For the world to change, our hearts must be louder than our minds.  Deep in our hearts lies the truth.  The truth that LOVE is the most important FORCE in the world.  We are all gifted with love, even when we doubt it the most.  LOVE is the HIGHEST FORCE because that is what brought the world into being/BEING.

LOVE is found everywhere.  Watch a young child play, a flower grow, the sunlight sparkle on the water, see young people falling in love, and observe an older couple holding hands in a state of knowing the durability of their love.  Those are demonstrations of love and LOVE throughout the Cosmic realm exists, too.  Our HEART'S INTELLIGENCE reflects the HIGHEST LOVE there is in the Highest Reality.

Before life existed, the power of LOVE brought the world and all living creatures into existence.  Abundance exists, too, in the cycle of life and love.  LOVE and GRATITUDE lift up our HEARTS and we fill with a greater sense of purpose, desire to reach for a higher attainment, and we …

World View Perspective: Our greatest Faith answers our greatest fear

When we know in our core that we are not separate from the Great Cosmic Soul that is existence Itself, then that level and layer of FAITH is all we need to offset any fears that have been lodged into our human systems.  The world around us can be cruel and full of confusion, as we grow and develop our ideas about our selves.  To cope, handle it and survive our lives, we might end up developing ideas about ourselves that are false, misinformed, negative or self-depreciating, filling us with self-doubt and fear to be ourselves.  That self-doubt can become our shadow self, or our sabotaging self, that cuts us down internally at every turn.  This pattern of thought can literally work against us then and we never get ahead.  It means we have internalized any and all negative ideas about ourselves from others, unintentionally.

Instead, when we look within ourselves for answers, through prayer, contemplation, meditation or spiritual study, for example, we begin to feel an inner sense of LOVE,…

World View Perspective: Turning old fears into a stronger Faith

Fears from the past can be held in our sub-conscious and unconscious human aspects for lifetimes.  Without our conscious effort, we can harbor old hurts, fears and misunderstandings, etc., within our own bodies.  Denying they are there, hidden away from our view and self awareness for a long, long time.

If they are revealed, we can feel the fears all over again or send them even deeper, away within us, for an even longer time.  When we can muster the inner courage to look at them honestly, without judging them or ourselves or those who may have created them within us, we can make genuine progress!

People are always trying to make their way forward as they attempt to make their dreams, goals, ambitions or purposes happen.  They can hit up against us as we attempt to make ours happen, too.  Egos can hit up against egos and eruptions can occur. Consequently, bad feelings, hard feelings, negative thoughts or poor reactions can result and we can stuff them into our systems to hide them away …

World View Perspective: Faith in our core Self

When we imagine a core sense of self/Self within, we can imagine how that core self feels.  Maybe we imagine all the old hurts, confusions, distractions, anger, sadness popping up like animals in some arcade game.  If we allow all those images to transform, disappear, fade, leave or dissolve, we can begin to feel a Light shining through.  A sense of core 'ok-ness', a sense of wonder, a sense of Grace and an even deeper sense of Being One with the Universe and Cosmic realms.  As if the Biggest LIGHT and TRUTH is shining to us and through us, as us, and it is our TRUE anchor and our TRUE GOODNESS!

When we allow our deepest HOPE, FAITH and LOVE to open us back to ourselves, we begin to heal everything that has harmed us in some way or anything our self believed it was, although it wasn't!

It is like a portal into a much more vast TRUTH realm and an active sense we are not separate from it and never could be.  It links us to LOVE, Self-Acceptance, Self-Respect and Self-Compassio…

World View Perspective: When we know we aren't the wounds or the comfort

Being human, we can identify with the wounds we have experienced and attach to the comforts we seek because of the wounds we are aware of.  It becomes a cycle of self-fulfillment to continue being identified with both extremes.  However, these are human experiences and not the truth of who we are.

Our truth lies in the center of those two extremes.  It lies in the balance of heart, mind, body and soul.  It lies at the center of our being/BEING self.  The true core of who we are within us.

There is a core self within us who is clear, clean, Loving and pure.  It is our inner witness to the life we are living.  It doesn't judge, criticize, condemn or treat us badly.  It is an inner Presence.  It is our individual soul self, connected to the Great Cosmic Soul, the Eternal, Living Presence.  It is always within us, clear and Conscious, even though we can forget it, stop listening to it, ignore it and yet, it remains Present and Pure.

When we begin to recognize we aren't the pain of an…