World View Perspective: One forest, many trees

We all carry Infinite Light and Energy of the Cosmic Soul because we cannot be separate.  Our existence is not different from the existence of the Great Cosmic Soul. The ONENESS that we are is LIFE!  Unity with that Light is why we are here!  When our consciousness is just coming from our ego or our physical body, social arenas, connections to others who share our perspective only, we can forget there is just one forest but within it, there are many trees.
The shape, color, style, height, age, name of each tree isn't what's important.  What's important is that it is there!  It matters and it counts because it is alive and living right where it is located in the one big forest.  It matters because it exists.
The space it occupies matters, the place where it needs to grow matters, how long it has taken for it to be full, matters, too.  Yet, that one tree among many doesn't fight for it's space, place or the right to be where it is. It has a natural right to be there an…

World View Perspective: Remembering who we are

We are BEINGS of INFINITE POSSIBILITIES AND POTENTIAL.  We are connected to a much greater field of existence.  

When we are brought up within our families, we are taught and shown many, many things about life, love, survival and connection to family!  They are useful, needed, wanted, desired and necessary skills and experiences, whether they are painful, difficult, challenging, wonderful, loving or fulfilling! Our families are usually our first exposure to lessons and experiences regarding life.

Yet, not all aspects of life we can possibly learn or want to learn are just found within our limited structured frame work of the past!  Often, it is relatively one dimensional thinking, feeling and an acceptable way of life, rich with needed and necessary skills, development and understanding but lacking visions and development of the bigger picture.  We learn about how our bodies function and what they need, we learn our names, our gender, our schooling, our family lineage, what is expected …

World View Perspective: When the world is led through HEART

In changing times, when there is such a 'great pause' in our daily lives, it gives us a chance to view the world and ourselves in a new way.  How best to proceed when all we have counted on gives way.  How do we see ourselves and our lives when all is changing around us.  When our stability is threatened, our established ways are altering, our way forward is currently blocked, what do we now have to turn to?

The first thing to realize is we must allow our self image to shift and change and give ourselves time to develop into a new self, ready to adapt to changes.  We need to do so gently and without judgement.  Digging down deep, we can accept changes of courage, boldness and access a deeper truth within us.  See it as a well that has been on our property that has now gone dry.  Do you dig down deeper to access water again?  Do you move your drilling site further out by your property line, do you borrow your neighbors's well or do you pull up your stakes and find your next …

World View Perspective: Freedom from fear

When fear settles into any part of us at any age and stage in our lives, it is useful to understand it, feel it and consider why it is there.  It is also useful to fish it out and begin each day with a new and renewed sense of self.

To move through life with a certain degree of caution is wise but to carry forward with us a very old, outmoded, unnecessary amount of stagnant fear is to rob ourselves of a current 'now' presence.

We cherish our lives, our existence, our connection to other people and the people we love.  So we fear the loss of what we know to be that.  Yet, in light of ongoing gratitude, a state of mind we can always welcome in, we can be present with all we love all the time, despite any and all fears that arise within us about the loss of what we cherish.

Let go of all we fear to lose, as Yoda said in Star Wars.  It is through our attachments that we experience a great deal of fear!  We fear to lose what we have that fulfills us and makes us happy!

When we live in …

World View Perspective: Allowing a new spring to come

When all that has flowed on in your life is currently dammed up, apparently immovable, possibly the only way forward is to allow a new spring to come.  To halt the known, cherished, trusted and followed in order to give way to a new undiscovered spring to bubble up and reveal itself can be what is now necessary to lead us on!

It is so easy to cling to the past understanding, the long known path we have been on in order to not invite in what may have been waiting for us all along.  It is in the process of inviting it in that opens the only way to embark on something new and brave!  We must use our own discernment, of course, but if a new spring calls to us, it may be quite wise to hear it.

Perhaps you become lost in the forest and cannot find your way home.  Now you must survive on what you find to eat and drink.  As you seek to find it, suddenly you hear a stream and find berries!  It has literally bubbled up near you and found you in need.  It answers that need in you because you were …

World View Perspective: Choosing Faith versus fear

When the world around us highlights fear, we have a choice.  We can openly, actively choose to accept, believe, take in the fear or recognize we have a choice.  We have another choice and that choice is faith.

When we look at energy, one can see opposites.  We can look at lust and let it go to Love, we can experience greed or turn it over to Grace, we can feel fear and instead, turn it into Faith and we can take pain and change it to Peace.    These are active, conscious choices we can all make.  These choices make a difference!

In any day, we can allow fear to take over and let it grow like a weed, taking over all our thinking, feeling and action.  We can become it, inviting it in to define us.  Yet, when we trust in a Higher Power to release the claws of fear, gripping us, and we're willing to let go of fear, the most amazing thing can happen!  

Our Faith expands, we feel an inner strength, walking with us, talking to us, we feel ready to respond as needed and when needed and most …

World View Perspective: A new breath of life

When life as we know it so openly, obviously changes, taking in a fresh breath of air is not only useful, it is necessary.  A new era is being ushered in through the old ways coming to a stop!  Being halted in life gives us pause and offers a new purpose to access our best path forward.  

Being grateful for what has been and what has taken us to where we are now is essential.  This road we have been on has had it's merits, it's plan and it's grand purpose.  Have the courage to let what must shift and change to go now!  As these things occur , a new, fresh perspective is going to be on offer.

Trusting the Universe and the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy  allows us and invites us to surrender our collective fear, stress, a sense of loss of control and embrace instead a new view of what is possible as we begin to open our hearts and souls to a deeper sense of ourselves and our place in the world.

It is ONE WORLD and WE ARE all here together.  It is a time for an enli…