Thursday, November 16, 2017

World View Perspective: The immobility of resentments

When we hold onto resentments in our personal self, we keep those negative feelings in.  We end up carry the weight of those heavy and unnecessary burdens.  Those negative feelings become an illness in our system; affecting our minds, our emotions and our physical bodies.  Yes, our personal self never gets all it wants in life.  Yes, we can be side-railed by others, even trampled, undercut, and demeaned.  We can resent our roles in life, our place in life, all the suffering we have had to endure and yet freeing up that space is important and valuable for our inherent well being.

We may not be aware we are carrying old, worn out resentments.  We may think and feel we are fine, healthy, happy and well and yet going deeper, it can become apparent to us we have a deeper anger hidden within us.

With mass shootings on the rise in the US, it seems those who carry such anger and resentments are hitting their own tipping point.  The deeply held resentments are at a boiling point.  Always a sign that release is wanted and desired.  This release can be a healthy one.

A way to clear any age old resentments from our system is to acknowledge we have them first.  Secondly, imagine a 'rage cage' all around you.  Create a shape and space that is all yours.  Give it a place in your environment and a color.  See it and feel it.  Thirdly, have a sense of entering it and closing a door behind you.  Fourth, as you stand in it imagine and picture a deep red or orange energy in you bubbling up with any anger, rage, frustration, irritation or resentment and have a sense it can and will be released.  See a clear tube leading out of your space into another space that can take the energy and transform it into something else like love, peace and light and have that energy return to you in a fresh, new way!  Finally, express it out loud or to yourself from as deep in yourself as you can.  Knowing you are only giving it 'voice' to be heard, felt and let go of forever.  To release it from your core and release any and all people, too, who were a part of any resentments in your life.  Free up your system and free up any and all relationships based in resentments and people who may have fed into those long held relationships.  Have a sense that the old has cleared and now there is a fresh new start and fresh, new energy in your system.  Allow that fresh new start to happen with positive thoughts, positive feelings and positive actions.  Notice how fresher your energy is and how much better you feel overall.  You have released through positive intention the energy and immobility of resentments.

Attempting to live in the now moment means being present with the joy of living now.  No resentments of the past, no residual old emotions and no regrets, sorrow or grief.  Your mind and system are free to allow the Joy, the Love, the Light and the Peace in, which is our birth right.  It also sets others free from old resentments, too.  When we sincerely take the action to release old, stuck, stagnant energy, we open ourselves up to what is now new and present for us.

Our personal self goes through so many changes in our lifetime.  We must address any stuck old thoughts and feelings that have not been released so we can continue evolving.  We are taught to hold on but spiritually speaking, we do better to Let Go and Let God.  A better truth can find its way to you at that point.  To continue moving forward in positive ways, we must let go of the burdens we have carried long enough and celebrate our current life.  Let LOVE, LIGHT, PEACE and TRUTH guide you on!

Friday, November 10, 2017

World View Perspective: The blessings of imbalances

When something has been imbalanced for a long, long time, the time of re-balance must occur.  Maybe the message is subtle, maybe the message is strong and life-changing but it must occur because without balance, no one can move forward.

Many things about human nature are now coming to light because their imbalance has hit a 'tipping point'.  Meaning we can't collectively move forward until this re-addressing happens. Not just in thought or feeling but with action, too.

Our minds divide and our hearts unite.  We have a heart and we also have emotional truth.  Emotional truth or emotional intelligence is an answer to where this imbalance must happen.  Female systems, found in humans and animals, most naturally, have an emotional sensitivity, an awareness, an emotional reaction-response because it serves to protect and provide care for the family and the female herself.  It is an inner knowing that alerts a female to what is going on. It is useful in nature and it is an intuitive intelligence.  Of course, males have it, as well, but our society hails men still as the 'big bread winners' and consequently, the males aren't as freely allowed to develop this natural ability to foster their intuitive sensitivities as much as continue doing what ever is necessary to provide and protect the family. This often means, they can't be themselves, which breeds aggression, deep rage, deep frustrations and a need to act out.  This again, throws the balance.

The male/female roles we have all played out over time are of assistance for emotional bonds to stay in place.  The family unit is important for many, many people, however, when we aren't allowed to be our true selves or true to our true selves, harmful, hurtful things can and do happen. Why is this?  Because we aren't just our roles for other people, we have a true self within us, too.  That true self is connected to what is true and when that Truth needs it's expression, that is what needs to occur.

We must be able to put down our human obligations enough to allow out our True Self and it's positive intention, which is to express and stand for what is real and True.

Intuitive Intelligence is a real intelligence and it is now demanding a 'Voice'.  Who we really are is Light, Heart and Love and we are not truly divided individuals. We just literally think we are.  It is in our minds that we divide everything out. We judge, we criticize, we condemn and we create the imbalances through our thinking.  We decide what is fair and right versus trusting our own heart to know what is fair and right.

Our True Heart knows the answers already.  We need to listen to it, trust it, honor it and respect it to make a difference in our life.  It is currently, collectively screaming out for a 'Voice' to usher in a new era of Truth for us all.

Our minds can deceive us but our True Heart never will.  This is the Grand Imbalance of all.  The HEART in US ALL MUST BE HEARD.  Then we all win and the world itself will find it's True Balance; which is Peace, Love, Light and Grace for us all.  This is the True Blessing of imbalances.  They cannot rest until they have found their balance once again.  Here's to the Heart in us all!  May it not stay silent.

Monday, October 9, 2017

World View Perspective: Our deep down Truth

Despite all our human shortcomings, faults, failings and frustrations, we all carry a deep down to our core Truth.  This Truth is LOVE and that LOVE also knows us.  At any point in our lives, we can stop and take a moment to feel it, realize it and be so, so grateful for it.  It is the LOVE of life and the LOVE of this creation to live life.  It is about the simple breathing in and out, the simple joy of each day, the simple ease to look around at your surroundings and find something miraculous there!

It is that well of Truth and Love within us that is always present and full, we just have to remember it is there, Loving us in Truth all the time!  We have to remember to LOVE it back and be grateful for it.  It is there for our well-being.  We can draw positive energy from it as needed.  It is our well of well-being!

See it as a beautiful and pure deep pond, filled with re-generating LIGHT, LOVE and TRUTH, just waiting for us to take a long, deep restorative drink.  Feel it filling your very BEING with new, fresh LIGHT to fulfill your life, allowing you to breathe fully again.  Feel how good it feels to refill yourself with LIGHT, LOVE and TRUTH!

This is Spirit at it's finest and fullest.  It is our natural life force and it links us to Spiritual Joy and our Higher Self, with all it's wisdom, knowledge and Grace.  Going deeper into our own Heart, this restorative power is always there.  It is a never-ending LOVE and it is clear and clean.  Feel it as your True Link to the INFINITE BEING of PURE LOVE and PURE ENERGY.  Imagine that BEING filling you full of fresh, clear, new energy that you can use to restore your positive outlook, dreams and JOY, boundless JOY!

This is our deep down Truth and all it needs is recognition, faith and gratitude!  Spend time with it, LOVE it, feel the gratitude for it, listen to it with JOY, LOVE, COMPASSION AND UNDERSTANDING!  It will feed you back and eliminate your fears, worries and concerns!  Feel them dissolving into the LOVE!

How wonderful is our human life, how gracious, how miraculous and how endless are the miracles!  LOVE is our endless stream of wonder and of Consciousness!  LOVE is truly who we are at our core and the more we know it, own it and share it, the more there will always be within you!

You then, become the miracle you are!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

World View Perspective: Where is the Voice?

When confusion reigns, when fear pervades, when the Earth Herself, begins to shake, roll and cleanse and when She clearly seems undone, where is the Voice of clarity, understanding and compassion?  Where is the Guidance and Truth for us to follow?  Are there many Voices, are there many directions, are there many paths and if so, how do we find them?

The answer that has been through time is still the same.  The Voice to listen to is within.  It is within our very Heart and Soul. It is that clarity, that understanding and that perception that will indeed guide us home and guide us to Truth.

When Mankind can open it's Collective Hearts, Souls and Greater Minds, we will see and know the Bigger Truth and, therefore, be in positions to assist Mankind and the Earth Herself.  We will see our greater expanse and how LOVE is the only way forward.  

We must KNOW and RESPOND to who we TRULY are before we can have a positive impact on our environment, ourselves and our lives, thereby, becoming aware of what is best and most useful in terms of action, thought, feeling and approach.

We are surrounded by Light, Love, Grace and Truth always.  It is easy to believe we are limited to these physical forms only with a single mind, names, histories, families, friends, jobs and homes but, in fact, we are much bigger and broader BEINGS who can remember and realize the Greater Truth and become it for positive effect.

The Earth is now crying out for that shift and change because She is being attacked and ravaged for Her Resources, Her Gifts, Her endless Generosity, Her boundless LOVE and She is revolting to get our attention.  We must shift from a greed perspective and focus on GRACE, we must shift from lust and turn to LOVE, we must turn away from FEAR and focus on FAITH!  We must become who we are by listening to the Voice within our very Heart of HEARTS!

Our Inner Selves know our own Inner Truth, we just have to make the time to listen, realize and respond to what it is She is asking and saying.  She is not separate from us, She is an entity, too.  She is aware, She is a Conscious Being and She Feels it ALL!

Just like a human being, She thrives on LOVE, RESPECT and RECOGNITION of Her Gifts and Her Giving.  Mankind seems to think they can take anything and everything they want from Her without consequences but that is not correct.  She has an endpoint of what is and isn't appropriate in terms of Her Giving and Providing, just like people do.

The Voice to listen to is deep within each one of us.  It is the Voice of LOVE, UNITY and COMPASSION and it needs to be heard and acknowledged now.  We must recognize the UNITY of all living things and how deeply connected we all truly are!

Open YOUR HEART and LOVE Mother Earth, Love yourselves, Love your life and whisper to yourself, "How Can I Serve?'  See how you can change your life to show Mother Earth and all of Mankind how much LOVE you really carry, deep in your HEART of HEARTS and how seeking balance, harmony and Grace in your Heart can change your Life and those that are around and surround you.  It is time to be so bold, bold enough to find your LIGHT, your LOVE and let it SHINE!  Shine into the Hearts of all of Mankind, the Earth and us all.  That genuine and sincere LOVE will come back as life and Earth are LOVINGLY, POSITIVELY restored.  Yes, you can do it and yes, the time is here.  LOVE is the harmony on every single level there is . . . always, and always it will W. I. N.!!

Friday, September 8, 2017

World View Perspective: Heart Harmony must happen

Even the Earth now speaks of imbalance.  She is purifying Her imbalances so a greater Harmony with nature can occur.  She wants our attention.  She is a living, loving entity all Her Own and until we realize Her True Worth and Value, She will continue to make Her Voice known.

We are not separate from Her.  She is requesting our Loving Presence on Earth. She begs for our awareness and our Truth.  What is that Truth?

The Truth is we are all Beings of Light, Love and Grace if only we will remember that and allow that expanded Self forward.  That expanded Self is already aligned with LOVE itself and that LOVE lives in our Collective HEARTS of HEARTS!  This is what Mother Earth needs now.  She needs Our Love, Our Light and Our Grace.

She is not to be exploited, nor abused, nor ignored! She is to be Loved, Nurtured, Recognized for all She openly and willingly provides.  She offers us food, light, warmth, water, all forms of nature and life itself.  Just like Mothers of people and animals, She gives effortlessly to all living things.

She is asking for Heart Harmony now.  Harmony between people, harmony between males and females, harmony between countries, harmony in families, harmony with ourselves and harmony with nature itself.  Heart harmony between the young and old through greater understanding, harmony with our past, no matter how challenging it was or continues to be.

She is asking us to Forgive it all, Love it all and be Grateful for it all.  Honor the oceans, the rivers, the streams, the forests, the meadows, cherish the mountains and cherish all of earth.  Treat Her with respect and LOVE because She is seeking Heart Harmony for us all.

There are energies on this earth, found in human beings, that need to be purified.  Greed, lust, fear and false power to name a few.  When we become conscious of how we have allowed these energies to run our lives and control our minds, we can begin to release them and let their hold over us go.  When we do, we begin to harmonize our systems and therefore, we can manifest more Light, Love and Grace.  In that ultimate transformation, we begin to see how connected we all are instead of how separate we think we all are.  It is in that lower view of separation that we hurt each other instead of seeking True Harmony, which allows the Collective to re-balance itself through LOVE.

Remember your LIGHT, LOVE and GRACE and consciously, actively invite Your Higher Self into your system to help cleanse it, purify it and re-balance it on every level.  Then and only then will you find the LOVE and Harmony that you are and be a True Supporter of Life and of Earth Herself.  Peace and harmony will result and we will ALL WIN as will Mother Earth Herself.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

World View Perspective: Outgrowing our past money identification

Just like a snake sheds it's skin when it must move forward, we also have that ability to look into our selves and see, notice, feel and know when some part of us is ready to be 'let go' of for good.  We can release old ideas, notions, self-beliefs, self-images and old habits, patterns and behaviors that we no longer need, want or find useful.  This can cover any and all aspects of our humanness.  

One of the deepest, oldest, sometimes most painful aspects within us is how we learned, were taught, shown and treated related to money; our abilities with money, our earning potential and how to see ourselves related to money, abundance or resources in general.

We have mostly learned to bury it, ignore it, deny it, distract from it or endlessly worry about it.  Very rarely do we stop and give thanks for all we have received and rarer still, do we let go of false ideas, concepts, effects or affects related to money, especially concerning those we love, ourselves or any others around us. It is as if these old feelings become so trapped and shut off, which prevents overall healing and happiness.

It is as if these belief systems live deep inside us, never quite seeing the light of day until or unless it is pushed forward to reveal itself.  Are we too embarrassed or too fearful or too guarded?  Is it our deepest place of mistrust in terms of relating to other people?  Like if others were to know about us with money we would be harmed, tortured, made fun of or our lives turned upside down because of our identification with money and whether it is either up or down or changing!  If so, how can we learn to let go of that level of negativity and instead be grateful for all we have known, learned and understand about ourselves in that regard.

Through gratitude and forgiveness of our self and others, we can offer it up!  We can offer up our fears around it, our worries that surround it and transform it deeply in order to trust money and our new idea of it now in our lives.  To trust what is truly correct regarding abundance for who we are now.  This will come once you can surrender your deepest and oldest concerns, fears, and gut wrenching what ifs from the past, appreciating all you have been through related to money.  In that open space, that renewed place, new opportunities can and will come.

When we want new clothes or fresh food, many people clean out and clear out their closets or refrigerators.  Once it is completed, there is a clear open space for newness and replenishment.  It is always refreshing and renewing to do that.  Same with our attitudes, outlooks, self-images and ideas regarding money, abundance and resources.  We can redo and renew our old, stuck ideas about ourselves and our lives in this respect.

Welcome, then, that open, fresh, new space and place by truly and deeply letting go of what is no longer you in that regard.  Offer it up to God Guidance, your Higher Self, your deepest spiritual connection, whatever form you most relate to and trust!  Notice how you feel, watch how others treat you, become aware of feeling lighter and brighter!  Yes, you'll find it on a deep level but trust yourself to let the old feelings and fears around it go and watch your life transform.  You will feel most uplifted and inspired and it is GOOD!

Monday, August 7, 2017

World View Perspective: Using our own inner integrity to discern

When we trust our Higher Sense of Self and feel it deep within us, we experience our own inner integrity.  When we invite in and allow in that inner integrity to guide us, lead us, show us our true reflection, we as a whole BEING can accomplish quite a bit.  It becomes our finest discerning tool to navigate the shifts and changes of our lives.

See it like an inner compass.  Even though our intention is to go one way, something inside us shows us another way to proceed.  Maybe it is a small voice, maybe it is a heart tug, perhaps it is just an unshakable feeling or we hear it all around us.  When we stop to listen and let it in and learn to trust it, amazing miracles and growth can and will occur.

Our own greatest asset, both human and spiritual, is to know our own inner integrity.  A check-point within our self, that guides to what is truly right for us versus false, outgrown or not longer essential.

There is so much illusion and falsehood in life or, at least, necessary ages and stages of growth needed and necessary for us all to go to and through until complete. If we don't have a means to discern it for ourselves, in order to find the best way or path forward, how best to get there?

Truth and the search or seeking for truth is admirable and a worthwhile path. There is a truth to life and living.  It involves our heart of HEARTS to adequately find the needed balance and harmony in order for positive results to occur. Our Hearts simply must be engaged in the process.  Our minds see and understand many things one way but our Heart's integrity brings the healthy, happy, more truthful balance to any situation.  Love is another positive, discerning tool. When we do activities or follow what we love, there are positive results.

Negativity, upset, stress and frustration also come into our lives, minds and thoughts.  We must remain conscious when that happens so we can continuously move them on, lightening our load.  When we apply our own inner integrity to any situation, we can mid-course correct and walk and talk our truth again.

To gain our own inner integrity, we must understand our own Higher Inner Nature.  This is Spirit and Spirit takes us directly to the SOURCE.  Once that inner relationship is established, that clear awareness, guidance and greater clarity will guide us, work with us and help us all to develop our own inner/outer integrity and therefore, our own inner compass.

Once there, we can discern our right and perfect path, despite what others may be telling us about who we are, where we should be and what we should be doing with our lives.

Our Heart and Soul Self, Higher and Highest Perspective, knows best what is correct for us.  We just need to realize who we really are and be open to what needs to happen next.  We need to trust that and we can by developing our own inner and outer integrity.  Then our walk in life becomes effortless because it is based in inner knowledge, wisdom and truth, along with our own inner developed integrity in all respects.

Inner integrity is essential for these changes to occur and for us to become who we truly are in our lives.  A balanced, happy, healthy and whole individual who has and sustains inner balance and harmony through Love, Peace and Inner Truth.  Then anything in life becomes so much clearer and easier to know and to navigate!