World View Perspective: Loving the Light we are

Underneath our human traumas, our human fears and sadness, under our old programming and our sense of failing, we have a Light that is connected to the LIGHT ITSELF.  It is just as conscious, it is just as knowledgeable, it is just as wise.  How can it not be, it is the LIGHT within us.

This Light is our Highest Consciousness, it is who we are and it shines whether we are aware of it or not!  To find it, access it and to feel it we must uncover it through Love and Forgiveness.  It is like looking for a hidden gem in a forest.  We have to use our intuition, our sense of adventure, our sense of inner knowing to seek where we think it must be.  We must love and forgive anything and everything that may have stood in the way!  Those blocks have been in our way to overcome.

There are spiritual teachers who can help teach us, there are shamans who know and there are healers who can guide us in removing the layers and levels of what we use to cover up our finest stories about who we think we ar…

World View Perspective: The Consciousness in our cells

In our every day lives, we may not think about our cellular nature.  Maybe when we exercise, eat consciously or think about our breathing, we do.  Yet our cells are alive and living and they carry the Consciousness of life itself.  Breathing fresh air, drinking fresh clean water, meditation, joyful thoughts and feelings affect our cells in positive ways and create positive health and well being in our systems.  They replenish our soul, too.  

When we spend time in a day exercising, a practice that is most useful is to touch base with our body in terms of a friendly exchange.  Feel your heart open and get in touch with your loving thoughts and gratitude.  Now start at either the top of your head or the bottom of your feet and begin thanking each body part you have.  Include the organs, limbs, blood, muscles, tendons, the movement of the arms, legs, head, emphasize the spine, the heart, your lungs and reproductive body parts and when you are done, imagine the cells.  Imagine all the ener…

World View Perspective: We are our truth, not our coping skills

We have all developed human coping skills that help us get through each day when life gets too demanding, too tiring, too stressful or too painful for us.  Most coping skills are acceptable, most we understand in each other, most of them appear harmless and we think they will be temporary.  Some, however, can become addictions that hurt us more than we realize, having negative impacts on others and those we love and they can begin to define us.

Coping skills can also mask our greater Truth, which is more about how we really feel towards our relationships, our current situations, our past and our self.  To go beneath the reason we need coping skills is most often quite painful because we have escaped from the real reason, adopting instead, coping skills that cover up what we don't want to face.  Personal emotional, mental, psychological or even physical pain is difficult because we think that pain is us.  We can't discern that it is not us!

The world is a wondrous, beautiful, liv…

World View Perspective: I AM my Light

By understanding we are the Light of Spirit and we are the Light of Soul, we can also understand we are not separate, except what our limited human perspective tells us through our five senses.  We have a separate human physical self to care for and maintain for the sake of our soul, of course, but our LIGHT far out shines our limitations to be in this world.

When we expand our Consciousness to that Higher realm, we realize our Light can actually help us heal and reveal areas within us that need healing, better health and support.  

Our cells in our human system are like windows.  They can be dirty, broken, shut down or open, clean and refreshed.  They can be moved by Higher Consciousness to reflect our Light, too, enabling us to receive healing and a greater inner awareness of Truth.  They can rejuvenate us to seek greater health and happiness practices, enabling our human systems to re-charge themselves.

Our Light is within us to assist us to grow, expand, shine and heal because we are…

World View Perspective: The power of 'I AM' good enough

When we understand the great 'I AM' refers to the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies, that same Highest vibration can resonate to us and through us.  Our cells can hear it and respond to it, setting up healing opportunities throughout our human system.

To sincerely repeat, 'I Am good enough' as a silent mantra to all the traumatized aspects of ourselves that may have cleverly hidden the wounds and traumas carefully away, hidden even from ourselves, we begin to set up a newly established new, healthier, happier, vibration within us, effectively rearranging who we used to be at the cellular level.

Remembering that the LIGHT ITSELF wants us to get clear, become clean and resonate all that LOVE, LIGHT and LIFE back again to the Infinite Being, affecting all those who feel our Light as their Light harmonizes, too.

The more Love, Light and Life we can touch, feel, share and enjoy, the more the world can awaken to a Higher vibration.

To experience life, we all can be n…

World View Perspective: What weighs us down from our greater growth

We are seldom taught at an early age how to protect our systems from psychic battery, energetic slams or direct hits because most people don't see them, don't want to see them or people don't believe those things are real.

Everything is energy, everything.  As such it can bombard our systems all day and even night without out knowledge.  Yes, we can point to our TV's, radios, cell phone and computers as obvious items of bombardment but what about the negative energy we experience from other people.  What happens when we stand in between it, or watch a collective opinion coming towards us or we walk into a room where we have been the negative topic for a group of people right before we entered?  We feel that, even if we don't recognize what we are feeling, we have experienced it.

To illustrate a point, imagine when you were born, you had a big yellow balloon in your energy body that was your sense of self. Right around your stomach area.  It was round and full and you…

World View Perspective: When the soul strength of women open the true hearts of men

The Earth has withstood the test of time and all living things have been a part of the evolution on Earth.  To meet, in fact, greet the incoming, upcoming new era being ushered in, the collective soul strength of women must help to open the true hearts of men.  We have both been cast in limited roles and in a limited light as the old paradigm demanded.

Not to be too critical of what had to occur the way it had too occur, we can all move past this into a bright, fresh new era of positive, welcomed change.  The Earth Herself will delight in it because we all move together on this planet.

The WHOLENESS of WOMEN must come forward to heal the old and torn fragments of the past and to awaken the True Hearts of Mankind.  Men need healing, too, after generations of them have carried the burdens of the money stress, keeping the families sustained, maintained, protected and provided for while not able to express their burdens openly, in healthy ways, or ask for needed and necessary help from othe…