Saturday, February 17, 2018

World View Perspective: Transforming our old wounded sense of self

As we grow and develop our human nature and sense of self, there are many  'mirrors' around us, surrounding us.  They show us, tell us, teach us what they see and know about their perceptions of us.  It works for many years of our early life.  However, what we don't know at the time is perhaps, maybe and most likely, it isn't the full truth of who we are.  Parents, grandparents, siblings, friends and teachers, etc., are all the mirrors that we grow up using to develop our sense of self by.  If they are limited, fearful, anxious or trapped themselves, their perceptions of us will reflect that, possibly trapping us in their perceptions as well.

Picture all the early people in your life as different kinds of mirrors.  How clean are they, how dusty, how are they shaped, how are they formed, how bright is their own mirror, what color is their mirror?  Is it a light mirror, a heavy mirror, a sad mirror?  Is there a positive reflection or a negative one?

If a parent or early 'mirror' doesn't approve of females, creative thinkers or sensitive personalities, then perhaps all they will reflect to us is a negative sense of self.  If we cannot discern our true self from this false identity, we might suffer from this negative self-image for many, many years, if not our whole life.  All without knowing it was a 'tainted view'!

Any 'mirror' in our life can only shine as bright a light as they have at the time.  It isn't necessarily false, as much as only what they understand at the time.  If two parents have only a high school graduation under their belt, they might not encourage their children to obtain an advanced degree.  They might only promote a high school degree, even though their children seek to advance their own knowledge and understanding, promoting their own chance of greater possibilities with their chosen careers.  A small example but it is how it works.  We can only see and receive in someone else what they have to offer, nothing more.  To seek more, search more and find more, we must move forward and find that within ourselves.

Our Highest Self waits to be found, discovered and realized.  It waits to be heard, sought and recognized from within.  If the ties from the past keep it bound up in worry, frustration, anxiety and fear, it cannot, will not come forward to reveal and express itself fully.

We must find our inner wounds and offer them up to our Highest Intelligence.  To let go of what is dark and hidden within us and free it back up to our own inner Highest Light.  Trusting that greatest Light will lift it and gift us back with greater clarity, understanding and compassion.  Freeing up the past that has 'dogged' us all this time.

Be grateful for the early 'mirrors', be grateful that they showed you their best or worst understanding of you and set that old, no longer needed sense of self free; to transform itself, open itself, surrender itself to become the Highest Version of YOURSELF.

Let that LIGHT in, let that LOVE in and let all that CLARITY shine.  Trust that SELF from the very core of you and be grateful to the 'false wound' that guided you to your GREATER TRUTH!  LOVE IT ALL, FORGIVE IT ALL and BE GRATEFUL FOR IT ALL.  It was all needed, useful and necessary for our further growth, development and expanded sense of SELF!  'Life is the friction that polishes the stone'!  It is the beauty, trust and truth of life itself and it is GOOD!  

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

World View Perspective: Forgiving our own human nature first

When we are unconscious, we make choices, decisions, plans and take actions that might have long term consequences we don't expect, want or anticipate.  As we mature and grow, expanding our development, we can come to regret those actions.  Left unattended, we can go to dark and lonely places within us, feeling badly about ourselves, finding it hard to come back.

Judgment, self-doubt, self anger and remorse can affect our well-being and cast us into depression, isolation and endless self-pity.  Yet, we can surrender the deep and dank places within us through conscious, active, inspiring choices that can offer us a positive way out.  Forgiveness is such a powerful tool and we need to practice forgiveness with ourselves first.  It must be done within our own Heart of hearts, dearly and sincerely.

When we can forgive ourselves completely, asking deeply to be shown a better path or set of choices from now on, a Loving, Guiding hand of Inner Wisdom can show us what we need next.

The truth is on our life's journey, so many of our mistakes are actually just learning lessons.  Without them, 'the friction of life cannot polish our stone'.  To gain wisdom, inner peace, deeper understanding and Unconditional LOVE, we first have to do our best and then learn from each and everything that happens to us on our way through each lifetime. Offering up any habits, behaviors and actions that might impede our growth or have a negative affect on our happiness and our health.

At the Heart of us, there is a clear and strong Self, who knows our Highest ability to succeed and what it will take to get us there!  Once we can open to and trust this Inner Voice, who has our best interest at Heart, we can be guided over all the blocks and limitations on our path.  The answers are within us, awaiting our own discoveries. We have to take that leap of Faith so that that Faith can become who we are striving to be and become until we can develop that full Faith in our self.  This is the Inner Harmony needed to truly pursue your best and Highest Path in this lifetime.

It starts by going within ourselves freely and willingly to forgive our own selves for any negative choices that may have hurt us or those closest to us.  When we are blind to our actions, how can we truly discern how they will affect others or ourselves?  A blindfolded person, wandering through the forest has many obstacles in their path before they learn what to avoid and how not to stumble.  We are the same, going through life the best way we can until Light is shining on our way and we can clearly see.

With Higher Clarity, we can navigate our lives much better.  Forgiving ourselves completely for everything in our past that has brought us to our current moment, we let go of old, stuck blockages that keep us from seeing and understanding completely.  How can we know when we cannot see to discern what is the best plan for us?

We start by making peace with ourselves right here and right now, understanding the great learning curve that guides us on our way.  We start by practicing self-forgiveness on as deep a level as we can find within us.  As we forgive our own human nature, so we can forgive everyone else's.  We release judgment, negativity, anger, remorse, guilt and old emotional heavy baggage from the past.

This continual positive, conscious action allows in, invites in, welcomes in more LOVE, more LIGHT and more Truth and these are all tools to guide us on, on a much more positive, enlightened journey to Self-Discovery and Self-Awareness.

Make today your first day to completely forgive your own human nature, while grasping all the lessons you have received along the way.  Feel the depth of that gratitude and enjoy that ultimate, ongoing destination of JOY, JOY in finding out who you truly are and how LOVE always GUIDES us home!

Monday, January 29, 2018

World View Perspective: Cosmic Consciousness Transforms through LOVE

When we consciously, actively, sincerely seek Cosmic Consciousness; the great pervading Love, Light and Energy of the continually unfolding Universe, it responds to us in subtle, yet effective ways.  It is as if a call goes out to the Highest aspects of our self and that HIGHER SELF answers in order to enlighten the one (ONE) who has called it.  See it as an ongoing echo between two distant mountains.  One mountain is small in perception and one mountain is much larger in perception.  Yet, the energy of the two mountains is the same.  Once the call is sent out and responded to, they can set up an ongoing dialogue between them.  The more they resonate to this chosen, conscious echo, a relationship is established and more growth, love, understanding, connection and affection can come.  Soon, an energy field, waves and vibrations are developed and the space and place between them becomes bigger now than both of them, affecting all that surrounds and is around them.  This new field of positive vibration uplifts, inspires and enlightens all within its sphere.  This is how the Cosmic Consciousness works.

When we sincerely aspire to know the CONSCIOUSNESS, LOVE it, welcome it and invite it towards us to know it, embrace it, understand it and feel grateful for the connection, relationship and union, the CONSCIOUSNESS responds in order to expand our Truth and understanding.  The Cosmic Consciousness wants the deeply held possibilities to allow our inner and outer transformation and further growth.  Cosmic Consciousness wants and seeks to collaborate with us in order to bring more LOVE, LIGHT and TRUTH into the planet, to and through us.

It is like remembering truly WHO WE ARE, on every level we are so we can work with this COSMIC, Universally PURE ENERGY, LIGHT and LOVE that has the potential for amazingly exciting growth on every level and layer of your BEING!  It is our HIGHEST BEING SELF.

Think of it as a UNIVERSAL, COSMIC SOUL calling out to our individual soul, reminding us that it is time now to expand and TRUST our TRUE INTELLIGENCE.  That it is time to not stay limited.

Much like a human mother calling out to her child to keep expanding, going, growing, learning, trusting, trying and developing on all levels because the mother can see all the wonderful possibilities in her child's expanded and true nature.  Further, the mother wants to aid, support, foster and encourage all these wonderful traits in her child so her child can reach for their HIGHEST POSSIBILITIES and POTENTIALITIES!

This is the TRUTH of the COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS . . . it is always calling us to hear it, feel it, understand it and believe in it so we, too, can reach our HIGHEST POTENTIALITIES, which includes healing our human systems and our past.

Embracing it as a healing light to show us where in our human system we are locked, blocked or have been shocked is one feature of the LOVE of the Cosmic Consciousness.  The Energy wants to help us, to transform us, to wake up to these Higher TRUTHS about who we are and what we are here to do.  

It is important to be vigilant about and conscious of discernment in a conscious, active way.  Discernment of how the EXPANDED LOVING ENERGY makes you feel is so necessary.  We have the power to choose what is correct for us.  If you feel the HIGHEST ENERGY you can and you experience it as clear, clean, expanded LOVE, begin trusting the Cosmic Consciousness is reaching out to you as you aspire to know the CONSCIOUSNESS, too.  Feel it and imagine it as a BIG, BEAUTIFUL BALL OF WHITE LIGHT, capable of transforming your entire system.  Have the sense of any old stuck energy being shifted, lifted, changed, transformed and, consequently improving your thinking or feeling self, and know it can and will continuously uplift, inspire and encourage you to let go and LET THE HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS expand in you because that is its purpose., intent and plan.  Know it as the HIGHEST LOVE you can imagine and TRUST YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS TO EXPAND to embrace that LOVE.  The LOVE of COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS can and does transform our human consciousness into a continual, LOVING work of art!  Think of it as a TRULY LOVING PURPOSE truly seeking itself and it is GOOD!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

World View Perspective: Making peace with the past

When we are developing our intellects, minds, emotions, physical and spiritual awareness, bodies and selves, we can make unconscious, subconscious, ill-informed choices, decisions and actions, without worrying about consequences for ourselves and others.  As we develop, we don't know what is motivating us, guiding us, defining us or influencing us and whether or not it is harmful, hurtful, damaging or cruel even . . . AT THE TIME!

As we grow, mature and develop further, we can look back with regret, fear, remorse, sadness, relief, anger and disappointment at what we thought we should have done, avoided, gone past, ignored or not ever been involved in or who we should not have been in relationship with . . . AT THE TIME!

The 'time' being the operative word.  At the time it happened, we were simply where our own consciousness was, which most likely means, we were not fully awake to our actions and their full consequences.  We weren't acting like our True Self.  Therefore, it becomes very important, necessary and needed to practice active conscious self-forgiveness and gratitude.  Forgiving our past actions is a healthier, happier thing to do.  Feeling gratitude that we were able to have those experiences, learn from them and move beyond them, growing ever more wise and knowledgeable, is very important and necessary for our growth as a human and spiritual beings.

The Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy definitely helps us to surrender all that we have been before and done before to let go of the old and shift and change our awareness to Higher, clearer vibrations.  It is an ongoing moving Consciousness of positive, LOVING, fresh, rejuvenating PRESENT energy and it LOVES to recycle what is no longer needed or wanted so we can become who we are with even more LIGHT.

Picture again a stuck drain pipe.  Loaded with hair, grease, egg shells, fruit peels, etc.  When the tap turns on, the free flowing water cannot get through.  Nothing is moving. Now apply a liquid that loosens up the gnarled up old mess and frees it from the pipe.  With conscious effort, the mess moves on and the pipe is clear.  Now, nothing is in its way and it can move through at just the right speed, freeing up all that is in its path.  The Cosmic Consciousness is just like that liquid, entering any stuck areas in us, freeing up our Higher Consciousness, our self-love and ultimately our true Self so we become clearer, cleaner, more positive, happier and healthier.  We aren't 'junked' up anymore so we become clear in our thinking, feelings and actions.  Now a new self can emerge!

Holding onto our past self images and old identifications of our self, just 'junks up' our system and makes it so difficult to move forward on any level we are!

Loving our past, forgiving our past and being grateful for our past begins to set us free.  We have so many levels and layers to get to and through in our lifetime, we need 'clean/clear pipes' to continue on our way or we do and will get stuck.  See yourself and feel yourself full of fresh, clean, clear new light.

Trust the Highest Light, the Brightest Light you can to collaborate with your own sincere efforts to feel what real and heal from the past.  See it as a healing LIGHT, capable of cleansing all in its path, showing you the fresh new way to proceed.  Trust it wants to assist you to get clear about who you really are and why you are really here and how best to become all you can be.  It is LOVE, LIGHT, TRUTH and HEALING ENERGY ITSELF and it is also you.  Higher Consciousness is who we are, it surrounds us and is around us each and every day.  Be in active, vital, conscious relationship with this Highest LIGHT and let it show you how to release from the grips of the past and move on to a happier, healthier future of LOVE right now.  That lovely LOVE is truly who you are and in each moment, it is the real TRUTH OF LIFE as we move to and through LIFE as our most wonderful, glorious, shining selves!  Forgive, love and feel gratitude for the past and allow your HIGHEST LOVE to vibrate that HIGHEST LOVE right here, right now!  Trust this HIGHEST LIGHT is you, too!  Let it be GOOD!

Monday, December 18, 2017

World View Perspective: We only suffer when we think we are the past

If we consider our human systems consist of our spiritual body, intellectual body, mental body, psychological body, emotional body and physical body, we can literally stuff age old pain, grudges and hurtful memories into any one of our bodies and it can stay trapped in there, in our unconsciousness/subconsciousness forever.

It can flare up, of course, when it is triggered and nudge us, perturb us, stress us, get our attention and even create distressing situations until or unless we go into it, feel it and heal it.

When our systems feel 'out of sorts' it is usually due to something in our past that is trying to move on and can't currently do so.  It is a trapped feeling or emotion that has not been resolved yet and yet, something else in our awareness knows it needs to be released so we can continue on in our lives.

It can also happen in the moment and we feel it but we don't know what it is that happened.  Picture a family gathering.  You have been claiming to be a writer for years and, to date, you have not had any success becoming published.  Sitting next to you at the family dinner table, another family member announces they have a book coming out next month.  Everyone is excited for them, of course, but no one knew they were writing anything at all.  You might get a twinge of jealousy, a hint of envy and a twist of disgust that they have now 'stolen your thunder'!

They are a family member, however, so you bite your tongue and swallow your negative feelings towards them and their success.  Yet, you do not (knot) release it.  Now it builds down deep into rage, insecurities and maybe even revenge.  You remember all the times they showed you up and took away your efforts, credit that should have been yours or a claimed a higher position than you, which you thought then and now should have been yours.  Now you've got the snowball effect.  These negative, old stuck emotions are becoming bigger than they need to, which isn't really useful to you or the other person, and over time, they will become toxic.

When they are constantly held in, more than just one aspect of our system becomes effected, affected or infected with more and more negativity until we are completely identified with being a negative, angry, unhappy person.  This becomes true suffering when the past pain hasn't been released back to the past as a lesson learned and self-respect restored.  We may even unconsciously, subconsciously continue to replicate the same situation over and over again that keeps us effectively miserable.  Again, in that case, we are still holding onto the past as if it is continues to be real today.

Setting our selves free from past bondage every day is the only way to not hold onto past miseries.  We do this by consciously bringing down to and through us our Highest sense of LIGHT, LOVE and CLARITY that we can, into our complete system every day.  Like a LIGHT CLEANSING to set free any and all old blockages.  With old relationships, for example, picture a brilliant LIGHT surrounding you both and see LIGHT in the spaces between you, too.  Have a sense of that LIGHT being the 'winds of the Divine, dancing between you'!  Imagine all ties from the past between you being lovingly released so nothing old and painful still exists.  See the new fresh energy moving happily, healthily between you, setting you both free in LOVE.  Feel it, see it that way and 'LOVE IT ALL, FORGIVE IT ALL, THANK GOD FOR IT ALL' and send it LOVE AND LIGHT EVERY TIME IT CROSSES YOUR MIND!  The unhappiness, misery, anger from the past will be released and go from your system's memory and you will feel lighter and brighter and moving on will become easier.

Pain and discomfort helps us go and grow in life, which is useful and it is how we learn to discern.  But suffering doesn't have to remain.  We can hold onto past pain without realizing we can surrender it and let it go, filling us with a much happier moment and a future of joy in each present, conscious moment.  Releasing all old unhappiness can and does happen through conscious, active release through LOVE, LIGHT and ONGOING GRACE . . . give it a chance now and feel like a much happier, healthier you in each, fresh, new moment and breath of new welcomed air!  LOVE and LIGHT is just that easy!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

World View Perspective: The Peace in our Heart can heal our personal pieces

Our Highest Heart can heal the broken pieces of our personal heart.  The INFINITE LOVE we carry is our Highest Consciousness.  That endless resource can enter our own personal heart and 'bring to Light' what, who and why we were hurt in the past.  It can show us deeply where we were too vulnerable to avoid the pain and how, with the clear, current Consciousness, we can let go and Let God clear the old, stuck blockages until our Light and Energy is flowing clearly again towards greater happiness, health and clarity!

With old relationships, which can be the Source of the initial pain, or personal heartbreak, we can see the old emotional attachments as red ropes, holding down our 'hot air balloon' sense of self.  The sense of self that should be 'up', happy, joyful and inspired.  These ropes of attachment we can feel, keep us 'bound' to the past but which might not adequately, honestly reflect who we are now.

For example, if you are one of four sisters in a family and every sister but you stays in their hometown, marries their high school boyfriend and has two children, their joint judgement towards you for not (knot) doing it their way, could hold you down and back until you walk, talk and respond just like they do.  In that case, with Love and Gratitude, imagine those tight red ropes, and see your LOVE untying those unnecessary and unneeded ropes of false bondage.  Watch them clear your system and fly into the air, off of you and off of them, allowing them to move on as well.  Then with LOVE again, fill in that space the released ropes have created in your system and in theirs.  Send them Love and Light and then let go.  Notice how much lighter and brighter you feel!  You might hear from them soon after doing the release work but just know you can release those binds that tie you down as often as needed.  It allows you to love yourself and continue on without that energetic burden.  You can still relate to the person and spend time but the relationship can and will improve after that because the false bondage has gone.  A more genuine connection can now form.

Just like a crowded closet of clothes.  If we stuff the past set of clothes in with the present set, we can suddenly have no room to move, we can get lost in the old clutter, we can waste a lot of time digging through it or we can start fresh with just the current wearable and usable clothes.  Our energy with our selves and others is just like that.  The old unneeded and unnecessary clutter of attachment and bondage can and needs to be released so the new fresh possibilities can come.  Holding onto the past weighs us down and can give us the feeling of being suffocated.

To venture deeper into our self and all that has negatively affected, effected, infected or impacted our world throughout our lifetime, using our Highest Consciousness, we'll be shown where we have been lost, confused, unconscious, distracted and dismissed.  Pain will surface, anger will surface, disbelief will surface and so will doubt.  Yet, when we apply the Highest Love, the Highest Faith and the Highest Forgiveness we can, Our Highest, Most Loving Beautiful Self can and will set our personal old heartbreaks free.  The small scattered, shattered and tattered personal pieces will find PEACE through letting go to the LOVE in your HIGHEST HEART!

The INFINITE BEING OF PURE LOVE and PURE ENERGY wants to consciously, actively UNITE with us and how we do that is through our Highest Faith that that is possible.  By Uniting with that LOVE, the personal heart can become WHOLE and complete again, through sincere and genuine forgiveness in our self and in all others and especially, in the Infinite BEING.  We each have a path, we each have our own 'soul goal' and we each have a way to get to and through life.  Our BIG HEART can guide our smaller heart and UNITE ALL OF OUR PIECES WITH PEACE ITSELF . . . we just have to fully LOVE and fully TRUST the process and it is GOOD!

Friday, December 1, 2017

World View Perspective: When we love ourselves on the inside and outside

In the great search for our positive thinking and happiness, when we can honestly love and accept ourselves on the inside and the outside, we will lighten our load and experience that great inner peace.  To Love and Accept the Highest aspect of Our Self, surrendering any and all old imbalances of fear, deep worry, apprehension and doubt, we set all those limitations free.  Space is made to really experience that Higher realm of all that's good!

As we grow and develop, we aren't necessarily aware of how much other people's thoughts, feelings, opinions and judgments towards us can affect us.  Their expectations, needs, wants and relationships with us can entangle us in many energies that aren't ours.  We might feel it but we might be uncertain where it comes from or from which person.

For example, our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins will all have their own views about money, status and privilege without them mentioning any of it to you.  Yet, it can all be projected at you without your conscious knowledge.  These can become 'negative chords' that bind us to their ideals and yet they are not ours. We might have a totally different point of view. We might carry those chords for years, even our entire life, without true awareness of them or their impact on us.

When we imagine an Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy connected to us on the inside, we can also experience a release of those old chords and the bondage they created.  They can all be released this way and the LOVE replaces the old fear.  In other words, we can transform and transmute that that can no longer bind us to the past.  What is good and loving about the past, we can keep with us but what is not good or necessary, can openly and cleanly, be released.

This Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies unites us with LOVE as a pure energy.  This Pure Energy is capable of releasing any and all old energy blocks that prevent us from moving forward in positive, healthy and happy ways.  It is like carrying an ongoing, trusting LIGHT within you that keeps other people's negative chords or negative judgment and thinking off you.  In other words, it keeps your system clean and clear!

When we can consciously, actively bring that beautiful LIGHT, to us and through us, becoming us on the inside and outside, we begin to vibrate as the LOVE itself.  Nothing that isn't the LOVE can stick or stay because that is the way it works.  LIGHT and LOVE clears the dark and old off of us so our energy and, often our attitude, is transformed and lifted Higher.  LOVING us the way the Infinite BEING LOVES US is the Highest vibration we can be on.  Being conscious and mindful of that every day in every way, allows that CONSCIOUSNESS to do it's work.  Trust that greatest of LOVE and feel it lift you Higher and Higher, knowing that ultimately on the inside and outside, that is truly who you are!  Unite with that LOVE and let it transform all else.  Within that Living Grace is Peace, Joy, Love and Light and it is and always has been, good!