Friday, April 20, 2018

World View Perspective: The Descent of Cosmic Consciousness

To truly seek the truth, our soul calls out to the Cosmic soul in a quest, a true and sincere aspiration to know, see, recognize and realize the greater Truth; to understand why we are here and what our purpose is in this and each lifetime.  It seeks to manifest itself, to become whole and True to Itself, clearing away the falsehoods until the 'open field' appears!

To bring down into one's self, life and location, the Cosmic soul, to and through a human form, brings that whole vibration into earth, allowing so much to shift, change and transform.  Earth shifts, all living things shift, our human individuality shifts and changes to allow for the transformation.

Like the welcoming of a new baby into a home, a set of parents and an extended family.  Everyone and everything must make space and create time to welcome in the new arrival and then shift, change and adapt to the new growth, expansion and fresh beginning for all around it.  After some time, everyone has adapted and allowed for the new growth and the child begins to adapt and develop, too, surrounded by the environment into which it came.  The environment and the child grow and expand in relationship to, and because of each other, in a new, natural and gradual way with time.

As the Cosmic Soul descends, everything around it, surrounding it must also begin the process of shifting and changing.  A time, a space, a place must be created to facilitate the ongoing process so as it descends to earth, it enters into a 'welcoming place' that sustains and supports it's efforts.  All that it needs is where it needs to be and from there, as it is sustained, it expands freely and completely, as the opening into earth needs to happen.

Signals of the changes come!  Perhaps subtle at first, but they build with time. Much like a bird who has been prompted to build her nest out ahead of her eggs to be laid and baby birds to arrive.  She simply knows it is time to begin the process.  It does unfold quite naturally in a timely manner for the sake of the delivery and arrival.

When there is a sufficient call for such a descent, it is as if the Cosmic Soul knows it is time to come forward and manifest a new beginning in the world, to awaken a new Consciousness in the mind of Mankind.  To bring comfort, understanding, compassion, truth and loving guidance in order to expand the Heart and Soul of all.

Many such teachers have been born, grow, develop and serve the world.  It is a process of awakening and learning to serve throughout one's lifetime.  A process of aspiring to know, understand, seek and search the life and the self for a greater meaning and purpose.  The Cosmic Soul responds to our most sincere, honest, loving seeking for our infinite UNION.  How can it not when we are, deep within our soul, that same essence?

For Peace and Love to manifest for the whole of Mankind, the Cosmic Soul must come.  Out ahead of it's descent, there can be chaos, confusion, challenges, disarray, anger, deep frustration and resistance.  Just like winter and spring rains, snow storms and wind come racing in before the brilliant sun of long summer days.  It is part and parcel of the process.  

When the number of calls go out for Love and Peace on earth, the descent begins in earnest.  That time has been coming and the more we focus on LOVE and PEACE, the greater chance we all have of welcoming that wondrous event back to earth for us all to awaken to the wonders of transformation of who we have been into who we are; LOVE and PEACE at it's very finest!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

World Wide Perspective: Our inner worth is knowing who we are

Life offers us the great possibility of an inner and outer life.  We learn so much in our early years from parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, teachers then spouses, our own children, co-workers and bosses as well as neighbors and in-laws.  We develop a sense of ourselves and skills to get along in society, at work, socially and in our families.  With our outer physical, mental, emotional and intellectual overall development, we grow into a clear idea of our selves.  We meet people and interact, enjoying companionship and connection.  This forms an even greater outer sense of our self, utilizing our personality, our sense of humor and our means of communication.  The self we show the outside world.  Yet, within us all, too, is a more sensitive, attuned nature and our own personal understanding of who we are and how we feel as our outer self is effected by, affected by, impacted by and possibly infected by others and other experiences in our lives.  Going even deeper with our self, we can find and access a deeper sense of self, and through that sense of self, we can begin to see and feel another aspect of our self that resonates with a bigger picture.

Perhaps we feel the deeper peace, a deeper Love or a calm and abiding Grace.  Maybe we feel more attuned to nature and what it brings us as we view a perfect sunset, a quiet snowfall, a soothing rain.  We can feel and experience a peaceful flow to our breathing, our heartbeat, the pulse of life going on around us and yet it is and isn't us.

Deeper still, we can feel a presence within us that is aware of life and yet remains calm, connected, ever peaceful and loving.  Time spent with this aspect of us makes us even more aware of who we are and more aware of our own depth of Being.  This indwelling Being resides in our Heart of Heart and our soul of Souls.  It is the Cosmic Soul, of which our soul, is familiar.  It is awareness, it is Consciousness, it is our inner sense of well Being.  We cannot be separate from it because we are, in truth, our particular aspect of the Greater Cosmic Soul, designed perfectly for the depth of True Purpose for why we are here.

It is simply waiting to be acknowledged, recognized, communicated with, valued and appreciated for the vastness of all that it contains.  The great seeking, inner searching, questing through meditation and contemplation, along with aspiring for spiritual attainment, spiritual connection, looking for a sense of deep inner Union all serve to remind us of this grand indwelling Being, who stays asleep until we awaken it through our own awakening.

When we know, love, value and appreciate this deeper aspect of ourselves, we form a collaboration with it that allows the Cosmic Consciousness to work in our system to bring us the clarity, the understanding, the current awareness of our life path.  It is like the inner teacher, accessing all the inner knowledge, in order to share it with you.

This deepest connection and Union is within you and becomes the inner sense of your self.  This Union forms your inner worth and value.  We can, then, become our own very best, most attuned, best aligned version of our self on an ongoing basis.  This also forms an inner strength and courage to guide us deeply on the path to find and develop a more solid sense of self, helping us in every way, through every age and stage of life.

Once we know who we are and who we are not, both inner and outer, through discerning how we feel and what we observe in our system, we can become more trusting, more prepared, more Loving and more Compassion towards our self and the greater humanity.  We begin to see the Oneness of all of life and we can deeply forgive, forget, be grateful for it all and grateful for everyone in your life who has served as a teacher, a guide, a partner or a friend to get you from here to there.

Knowing this deeper inner worth through our inner well Being, is a great and lasting gift.  It lets us experience our deepest part of our self, freeing up the past; the anguish, the fear, the regrets, the disappointments and the distractions.  It brings us to a deep sense of Peace, Grace, Love and Understanding through direct and sustained Union.  That wisdom and knowledge is truly golden and it remains with us throughout our whole life.  It is our true worth and value because it is truly who we are within us and outside us.  Knowing this and experiencing this brings us to wholeness and that is why we are here.  And, it is GOOD!!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

World View Perspective: Our Highest and Truest Aspiration

Deep within us is our Highest and Truest Aspiration.  That is our internal seeking to know who we really are at our core and to know why we are here!  Our deepest Heart already knows the answer and yet we have many things in life to learn, to do, to complete and to go through before we can often take the time to look closer within for answers.  Yet, when we feel that deeper call come from somewhere within us, that triggers the same response from the greatest Truth we can find.

It is the call from our inner sense of self to our Greater Self, the Self that guides our very life.  To establish an inner relationship with the Cosmic Soul that reflects and communicates with our individual soul is the Greatest, Highest and Truest Aspiration we can have.  This Union is the union we all want at our core because it ends all fear and doubt that we have come here for a deeper meaning and purpose.  When we begin to seek it in earnest, it also begins seeking us.  It is in the True Union within that we can have faith in our self at our core and that we will be able to manifest our True Purpose here on earth. In Union, we will know and understand what it is and when it will appear.  Our deepest connection will let us know.

Sometimes life takes us on long and winding roads that don't, at the time, make any sense.  Yet, when we make time to reflect on our life, as we go through time, we begin to see our life unfold in a much more understanding way.  Little glitches make more sense and distractions can even reveal themselves to be great teachers as to who we are and who we aren't.

The key is always self-forgiveness and trusting that our greater self is still emerging.  Going back through our life is an incredible gift in terms of making peace and seeking harmony in all that happened and with all we knew in our past.  Many things may not have gone as we would have wished but, in the end, our greatest good was watched over by a Higher aspect of our Self, keeping us always from harm, deep disappointment or wrongful errors because those other paths were not really for us.  Not always easy to accept or trust unless we can see the bigger purpose and the bigger intent and trust it.

The way to love and forgive the past and be grateful for it is to see it all in terms of time lines.  When we buy a new pet, we just love it and feel we will cherish it forever.  Yet, as all pets do, ours has a timeline.  For the time it is ours, we most certainly can love it and honor it as ours in our life.  When our beloved pet dies, we are sad and perhaps lonely, and yet we have to recognize it had a timeline of importance in our life.  There was a window of time for our relationship with our pet.  Being grateful for that window of time lets the disappointment of it being gone go.  In other words, for the time it was ours, we loved beautifully and that is what to treasure forever.

To sincerely seek our Highest and Truest aspiration to come true, and as it does, we can connect to a Consciousness that is always with us, always guiding us and always wanting our very best path forward to occur.  It becomes an endless timeline of awareness, awakening and truth discovery, taking us ever closer to our True Purpose for each lifetime.  This Grand Union fill us with a Joy that makes every day a delight of discovery, filling even our cells with Light, Love and more Truth than we can imagine.  It just takes a sincere and courageous Heart and the deepest Trust we can find to begin the journey and to keep it going . . . throughout time!  Seek that and find an inner well of LOVE, LIGHT and TRUTH that will never run dry!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

World View Perspective: Our inner health and well Being

Accessing who are within allows us to access our inner health and well Being.  Our own indwelling Being Self knows what we really need to be happier and healthier because it is based in and in relationship to the Source of All of Life.

Our lower nature is what experiences all that life hurls on us and at us from the very start of our human life.  We develop and use all our skills, our senses, innate intelligence, awareness, personality, family observations and lessons, physical and mental abilities of speech, language, understanding, movement, motion, etc., in order to express ourselves and enhance our growth through each age and stage of our developing life.  Sometimes we are supported being our selves and other times, we must make it up as we go.  As we go through that process, we become identified with that combination of experiences; good, bad, up, down, neutral, heavy or light and consequently, we start thinking and assuming that is who we are.  Yes, on the personal human level, those aspects of life form our ideas about ourselves and our lives, guiding us to and through what we need to experience in each lifetime. However, who we really are is a much deeper, much wiser Self, who is much more connected to an expanded truth, connecting us to Greater Wholeness more than we realize.

Our True State of Well Being comes from within like a constantly moving bubbling full stream of Pure Consciousness.  Our Inner Intelligence is vast and wide and connected to a True Expanse of Endless life, Magic, Understanding and Loving Compassion.  Cosmic Consciousness is within us, always waiting for a deeper Union with us to enhance our lives and expand our Self from our very core.  Our human life must be carried on and lived, of course, because we are here to do so.  Yet, within that carefully crafted framework also lies our True Indwelling Being, which is at the Heart of our True Well Being.

When we remain limited in thought, feeling and movement for too long, all the sadness, anger, loss, depression, angst and fear trapped in our system, mainly from the unexpressed or unresolved past, can take over our more rational thoughts and can drive us to actions that are not positive, happy or healthy for ourselves or others.  The lashing out of school shooters, for example, comes from pent up human experiences of deep despair, isolation and loneliness and those who act out tend to feel desperate enough to harm one's self and other human beings, no matter who they are or where they are.  This striking out violently indicates too much has boiled up inside to the point of no rationale thought or control.

If we could realize that our sum total of life's experiences are not who we truly are, we could release all the pent up frustrations differently and let them go.  Not finding any need to hurt, damage or kill our selves or other people in the process of letting it all boil over!

A useful technique is to feel the feelings and think the thoughts that come up from our lower nature and in the process, have a sense of asking our Inner Intelligence and Cosmic Consciousness to lift them from us and take them away to be transmuted and transformed into something so much healthier, happier and truthful.  Use your imagination to see a balloon and fill it with the old stuffed in thoughts or feelings and once full, let it float away to pop and be immediately changed into fresh clean air you breathe in deeply to renew your current self.  Or imagine a bottle floating on the ocean.  Grab it and write on imaginary notes all that is bothering you and stuff them into the bottle.  Throw the bottle into the sea and watch all that you wrote evaporate and become fresh new happier, healthier emotions about your self and your past.  See how many things you can imagine and use to clear out any and all old unhappiness or rage you are ready to release, to bring back into your self to fill yourself with new found joy!

Realizing all those old things that trap us are not us but rather, experiences we have had that may have formed, influenced and impacted our lives but we are much more that that sum total of human intellectual, mental, emotional and physical past helps us release what we don't currently need.  We can recreate ourselves through positive thoughts and feelings in the right now moment and become that person now, each and every day.  Making each and every day the best day of our lives.  Because right here and right now, is truthfully all we have.  Every day and, in fact, every minute we can begin again, focusing on our own best happiness and health, especially or in particular, by accessing our own Inner health and well Being.

Seek out and Trust your own Inner Intelligence and be open to that expanse of Consciousness to show you the way to your own happiest, healthiest Self and then you'll see how we all have this ability within, which connects us all to the TRUE BEAUTY of LIFE as it truly is and ongoing happiness and positive health can be ours in each and every minute of the best day of our life, which is every, conscious, active day, starting right now, right here . . . and it is GOOD!

Monday, March 12, 2018

World View Perspective: Cosmic Soul Within

Aspiring to know who we truly are means aspiring to have union with the Cosmic Soul.  It has been said there is soul and then there is everything else.  We have an individual soul and a Higher Soul within us and we are capable of being actively and consciously in Union with the Cosmic Soul or Cosmic Consciousness.

This is the greatest aspiration we can have and as our human, individual call goes out to it, the Cosmic Soul can and will answer.  We can be in an inner relationship with it and therefore guided towards our greatest good manifesting as we collaborate with the Cosmic Soul.  We are not separate from it, ever, and yet our human drives and drivers can cloud it from view.

Our own individual mental and emotional human desires, goals and aims can obscure this Union and take us in different directions.  Yet, when and if we will sit still everyday, preferably at the same time, with our sincere aspiration in tact, we can begin seeking that Union and deeper relationship with the Cosmic Soul.

It might be easy to fear the lack of human control with this Union, as if it might take us way off track for it's own goals with our own human needs ignored, neglected or over looked.  That is not the case.  Life is about the harmony and balance of it all and when something is important, needed and necessary, that time and space is created.

The inner knowing we can cultivate allows us access to Higher and Higher realms of awareness of who we are and who we aren't.  It is part of the process.  We have to learn to discern in order to cut back and trim down who we may have been but who we aren't anymore.  Just like a flower that has had it's bloom.  It will continue to grow and blossom, only if we trim it back and cut back the old stale and stagnant growth that has now faded out.

This is all about development; both human and spiritual, until the recognition and realization come.  Everyone has their own time table.  No need to rush the process, just stay steady, committed and consistent with your sincere efforts and aspirations.

Remember, as you call out for the Ultimate Love, Light and Truth, so, too, will the Cosmic Soul respond.  A lost child in the forest, seeking for, searching for the mother to find it.  The Mother, too, is searching for the child so there is the positive energy to find each other for the Union of Mother and Child to occur.  So, too, with the Cosmic Soul and the individual soul.

There is a Cosmic Understanding with the Union and it aligns us with our greatest purpose here.  It is well worth all the Love, Light and Time you devote to it.  It is Ultimately who we are and it brings in the Clarity and Wholeness to our lives in each and every glorious moment!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

World View Perspective: Union with the Cosmic Consciousness

Aspiration to know the truth, realize the truth and understand the truth takes a sincere, consistent effort to connect to and relate to the Cosmic Consciousness.  It seeks our Union just like our true and sincere aspiration seeks to realize the Consciousness Itself.  It is like a lost child in the forest.  As the child seeks union again with the mother, the mother is also seeking union with the child.  The Union is coming from both sides so the synergy is set up for it to happen.

Our Highest Self knows this Union is possible and it guides us to our soul's greatest yearning.  Our Highest Self already knows this is possible because our Highest Self is there already.

Living in the present now is also critical for this Union to keep us aware of it's Loving Guidance and bigger purpose for our life.  It is in the quiet, it is in the subtle whispers and it is in our open willingness to listen, notice, watch and feel that inherent Joy from within us.

It is also important to Trust the Higher energies around us and to know that our Light expands, well beyond just our human self;our mind, our emotions, our physical self and human intellect.  Our Light and Consciousness can reach the Highest planes of Consciousness.  It is, in fact, one and the same.

As we expand, however, we must also stay conscious of other energies that can have a negative impact on us.  Lust, greed, false power, falsehoods about us from others, dark energies from ourselves and/or others, unresolved emotions; like jealousy or envy or mental judgments from the past are all examples of other energies that can effect, affect or infect our greatest efforts to aspire for the ultimate Union with the Cosmic Consciousness.

Our clear Light and Consciousness are stronger and more determined than the darker, heavier, more dense forces and, as we know and accept that, our Light will continue to find it's way through any unconscious or sub-conscious energies that could impact us.

Once in Union with the Cosmic Consciousness, our human system begins to let go and Let God (Cosmic Consciousness) release and remove any and old past debris that is not who we currently are to shift and change our awareness into our current self as it continues to evolve.  See it as tossing away old clothes that no longer fit us well because we have literally outgrown them.  Feeling gratitude for the shift and change is a positive way to continue going and growing without regret.  Everything has been and continues to be our teacher, set up for our inherent lessons of life, until and as we master them, in order to move on.  Each age and stage of this ongoing development, both human and spiritual, must be respected, appreciated and it must engage our feelings of gratitude so we can step forward with ease and Grace.

We can, in fact, offer up any blocks, locks or shocks we have experienced to the Cosmic Consciousness so they don't remain in our way.  Holding onto the lesson but releasing the dense energy of it allows us to keep moving on.  We don't have to 'fix' the other person or people involved, we simply have to fully surrender it, which works especially well, once we see, understand and know what it taught us.  If we don't know what it taught us, we can ask for clarity so we feel freer to let go.

The Cosmic Consciousness is Highest Vibration of LOVE, LIGHT, TRUTH and it is LIFE.  We are not separate from it.  That is conceptual and we can also experience it.  It is WHO WE ARE and it is waiting to be fully discovered in us AS US!

Aspire to know this most precious, wondrous, amazing inner jewel within you and you will come to know this deeper, more meaningful Union and also experience the absolute beauty of collaborating with it for your greatest and greatest plan and purpose here.  It is pure mystical, magical, marvelous beauty in motion!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

World View Perspective: Transforming our old wounded sense of self

As we grow and develop our human nature and sense of self, there are many  'mirrors' around us, surrounding us.  They show us, tell us, teach us what they see and know about their perceptions of us.  It works for many years of our early life.  However, what we don't know at the time is perhaps, maybe and most likely, it isn't the full truth of who we are.  Parents, grandparents, siblings, friends and teachers, etc., are all the mirrors that we grow up using to develop our sense of self by.  If they are limited, fearful, anxious or trapped themselves, their perceptions of us will reflect that, possibly trapping us in their perceptions as well.

Picture all the early people in your life as different kinds of mirrors.  How clean are they, how dusty, how are they shaped, how are they formed, how bright is their own mirror, what color is their mirror?  Is it a light mirror, a heavy mirror, a sad mirror?  Is there a positive reflection or a negative one?

If a parent or early 'mirror' doesn't approve of females, creative thinkers or sensitive personalities, then perhaps all they will reflect to us is a negative sense of self.  If we cannot discern our true self from this false identity, we might suffer from this negative self-image for many, many years, if not our whole life.  All without knowing it was a 'tainted view'!

Any 'mirror' in our life can only shine as bright a light as they have at the time.  It isn't necessarily false, as much as only what they understand at the time.  If two parents have only a high school graduation under their belt, they might not encourage their children to obtain an advanced degree.  They might only promote a high school degree, even though their children seek to advance their own knowledge and understanding, promoting their own chance of greater possibilities with their chosen careers.  A small example but it is how it works.  We can only see and receive in someone else what they have to offer, nothing more.  To seek more, search more and find more, we must move forward and find that within ourselves.

Our Highest Self waits to be found, discovered and realized.  It waits to be heard, sought and recognized from within.  If the ties from the past keep it bound up in worry, frustration, anxiety and fear, it cannot, will not come forward to reveal and express itself fully.

We must find our inner wounds and offer them up to our Highest Intelligence.  To let go of what is dark and hidden within us and free it back up to our own inner Highest Light.  Trusting that greatest Light will lift it and gift us back with greater clarity, understanding and compassion.  Freeing up the past that has 'dogged' us all this time.

Be grateful for the early 'mirrors', be grateful that they showed you their best or worst understanding of you and set that old, no longer needed sense of self free; to transform itself, open itself, surrender itself to become the Highest Version of YOURSELF.

Let that LIGHT in, let that LOVE in and let all that CLARITY shine.  Trust that SELF from the very core of you and be grateful to the 'false wound' that guided you to your GREATER TRUTH!  LOVE IT ALL, FORGIVE IT ALL and BE GRATEFUL FOR IT ALL.  It was all needed, useful and necessary for our further growth, development and expanded sense of SELF!  'Life is the friction that polishes the stone'!  It is the beauty, trust and truth of life itself and it is GOOD!