World View Perspective: The wounding of our personal heart

When our personal heart has been wounded, broken, affected or shattered, we will find anyway possible to hide it, distract it or fill up ourselves differently.  We will avoid that pain every which way we can so we don't appear foolish, vulnerable or an easy target for and to others.  How we go about doing self-comfort changes but what we choose can become an addiction.  Another option is we can take deep emotional, personal pain and instead become angry, unruly and overly-reactive versus suffer in silence or hide away.  We can react poorly to any and all that we perceive have caused that pain in us, whether it is real or imagined.  Lashing out is often the easier, better path to take in our mind because then we think we have done something that defends ourselves better then our other choice to just sit and take it.

There is another way to heal our own broken, personal heart.  We can appeal to our own Higher Consciousness and ask it to enter our own self that feels brokenhearted and listen to it.  We can find the root cause, forgive it and recognize that our personal heart is most likely holding onto the past wounding.  Once it has it's say and feels listened to, our Higher Consciousness can talk it into letting go of any and all old pain.

The beginning of our life, and throughout our life, everything comes from and is about our sense of self.  It starts there and we can always stop at any point in our life and go in and heal our own thinking and feeling to mid-course correct.  This ability lets us continuously work on our own system to work to and through any and all things that have happened to us, allowing us to now move through it.

Often, we have to feel it to heal it.  Find a safe place in your own environment to set aside time to dig deeper and find your own broken personal heart.  Really feel it and then cry it out, shout it out, talk it out or pound it out.  Just don't vent it or express it harmfully towards others.  Trust your own Higher Consciousness is there and it can take this hidden pain and transmute it, transform it, into something better, happier and healthier.  We have to understand, painful that it is,  that we, for whatever reason, allowed whatever happened to happen to us on some level.  We either couldn't stop it, we may have been a child, or we didn't realize it was wrong at the time, or we justified it because it was a parent, relative or a group we had to seek shelter from.  Now, it doesn't matter who did it or why as much as we felt it and now we have the abilities to heal it and move on.  Other people are not responsible for healing this pain, as much as we'd like to think so.  It is up to us to exercise the courage to face it, feel it and truly surrender it, with the positive intention to let go and let God.  If someone specific did do the hurt that created the damage, give that person and old relationship up to God.  Let it go from your system.  You are not that, that happened.  You are much more than that!

Once we can successfully offer it up and create the space in us that this pain has been occupying, we open that space up to our next step forward.  We can love our self, we can love others and we can have a deeper trust, a deeper faith and a deeper union with the Infinite Being that surrounds us and is around us every day.  We can leave the painful past behind and start over.  We can learn and grow from this experience and become wiser with it once we release it back into the past where it belongs.

No matter how bad it was or how raw your feelings are about it, we can clear it and begin our lives again.  Forgive yourself, forgive all others, be grateful you are still alive and can transform and transmute these old feelings and thoughts and embrace a new day, after leaving this all behind you.

Know you are loved, accepted and supported by a LOVING INFINITE BEING that is always there.  Trust that and be willing to move forward.  Your next path will become clear . . . right on time!


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