World View Perspective: Releasing our old self-images

As we evolve, grow and expand our thinking and feelings as we mature on the spiritual path, and through our continued natural human development, we also need to shift and change our self-images.  Without becoming more conscious, we can stay in the energy of old self-images.  Being stuck in the vibration of old images about our self, we run the risk of not opening up to know and experience more true aspects of our self. The old ideas about our self, which may not truthfully reflect who we are in current day, can act as stumbling blocks on our path to greater development. 

For example, if a young boy has to wear his shoes until there are holes in them because his family cannot afford new shoes this becomes one image the boy has about himself.  Yet once he is a man who can afford new shoes, he still might wear old shoes with holes in them because he has not shifted or changed his self-image!  To outgrow our old ideas about our self can be a very resistant concept because we fear we are losing an aspect of our self.  In fact, it is like a flower or a peach that has had it's time to blossom and ripen and now it must be slowly dropped to welcome in the new budding peach and flower.  Our ages and stages are cyclical as well.  We simply need to recognize them.

If our aspiration is to overcome fear on as many levels as we can, then we will need to shift and change our self image from being someone who is still fearful.  For example, to shift out of fear, we would hold our head differently, carry our self differently, speak with greater ease and feel more comfortable being our self without the old fears.  This practiced new behavior would help us with the shift and promote a greater, fresher and newer self-image.  We can also remain conscious to keep old, false behaviors at bay because they are no longer appropriate or fitting for our new self-image.  They don't serve who we are consciously becoming.  This takes conscious effort and attention to how we feel but it assists us in making the changes.

One key to undergoing this shift in awareness is to be grateful for and forgive everything and everyone that help create that old self-image.  Be grateful we have had the skills, the costume, the opportunity to play out an aspect of our self at the time we needed to play it out.  An aspect that we can now release from our active consciousness in order to grow.  The butterfly is such a strong metaphor for this transformation of self-image.  The caterpillar must release her identification of being a worm-like creature on the ground to a beautiful flying creature with amazing wings.  Her transformation is natural and so is ours.  We just have to be conscious and allow for our own evolution as we truly aspire for greater and greater opportunities to mature, both humanly and spiritually, and accept newer, lighter and brighter self-images as we learn to aim higher with our own truest understanding.


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