World View Perspective: Transforming our sense of worth

As the seasons come and go, and our human self and spiritual self evolve, our sense of self must also evolve.  Within our life circumstances, throughout our ages or stages, there may have been periods of low to no self worth or sense of value.  Perhaps some stuck old sense of self in relationship to true worth and value that became stuffed away somewhere, not yet resolved.  As we seek for greater and greater understanding of how to make shifts and changes, becoming more Heart based, we realize we can offer up old stuck identifications of worth too.  Anything stuck in our system can be offered up to be released and eased, setting in motion fresh new openings of possibilities.  See it like a boulder wedged in a stream.  It is literally in the way of a greater movement of water.  When the large rock is removed, given up, released, the path is clear for a new flow of energy.  Our human system works the same way.  Any aspect of us that blocks our flow of Love, Compassion or Consciousness, we can simply and sincerely offer it up for greater Love and clarity to come.  At any age and stage, we can experience being affected from hurtful, harmful or damaging situations that put parts of our selves on hold due to fear.  Those experiences can create blockages that prevent greater growth and expansion.  Even a deep  wound to our self worth and value can be released for a greater sense of worth to follow.  When we 'Let go and let God', miracles happen.  The Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy can lift off energies, like blockages, and allow freedom of movement, flow and positive exchanges to occur.  In fact that is the very purpose of a relationship with the Infinite Love.  To work in positive collaboration to heal the system through a real feeling that uplifts, inspires and motivates us to continue going and growing towards a greater and greater transformation.  As we shift and change, so, too, will all those around us.  Nothing is separate, in truth, from the Infinite Love.  Infinite Love and Compassion is our true nature and our true worth.  When our old sense of worth is released for a truer inner worth, new beginnings are possible as is our further transformation, awareness and growth.


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