World View Perspective: Compassion for closed minds

When the conditioning of the closed mind refuses to open, to consider, to contemplate, to realize that more beyond it exists, it effectively prevents the Heart from opening.  It captures the whole system in some kind of downward tumble of unacceptable options that would begin to transform one's human system into a much more receivable position.  It is like slamming the door shut because we fear the wind outside when, in fact, it is a healthy breeze that will blow stagnation away. The closed mind can become so righteous that any hint the Heart is stronger will freeze it shut for long periods of time.  So deep in its refusal, it only grows more convinced it should remain shut.  If an old thinking pattern exists in the system, no matter how unhealthy or harmful it has been, once the mind is closed, opening it again to let the sunshine of illumination in can become problematic.  The Compassion found in the High Heart is a mechanism that opens even the most shut tight minds because when Love is present, fear cannot co-exist. 

An old movie entitled, 'Polyanna', was about an angry, bitter older woman who was ill and always negative.  A little girl, Polyanna, brought her a prism to make her feel better through the rainbows it generated.  It wasn't well received at first but eventually, with Polyanna's persistent positivity and love, the older woman gave in an her heart started to melt.  The negative attitude disappeared. 

It is just an example of how the Heart works.  The Love we carry is the magic, it is the healing force and it opens us to the Truth.  Our truest nature is Love and it connects us to a living Love that expands us, transforms us, enlightens us and inspires us, if we have the courage to embrace it, accept it and Love the Love back.  Love can open the most closed mind and expand the awareness and consciousness to conceive, perceive and receive the most beautiful inner connection possible; the force of Love itself.  Closed minds so often prefer, demand and seek control due to fear.  Fear that they will lose control and suddenly their very survival is at stake.  When we open our Heart to the level of Love and Faith, we see how to surrender the fear to a higher perspective that allows us to open and grow through an active consciousness, guided by our Highest Heart.  When dealing with someone with a closed mind, send them Compassion and Love and as their system receives that, know they now have a positive, happier Loving energy which could allow their system to expand.  It is possible that the force of Love can open closed minds and become the healing force for permanent change.


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