World View Perspective: With an open Heart

With an open Heart, we see and know we are not separate.  Life, earth, our self, other people and even our breath is part of a whole that is awareness itself.  We Love without condition and every cell in our bodies opens to all that is possible.  It may be just felt or experienced in a quick passing of time but when it is, we know we are completely present and it is all an act of Grace.  Any blocks or locks in our system are just waiting to be opened, cleansed and healed of whatever debris has not been resolved.  It is through the Heart that all of life is understood, welcomed and known because it is through the Heart that compassion is born.  Compassion is a Loving Grace that enables acceptance, deepens hope and brings an instant new attunement through the healing.  When we know compassion for our self, we can know it for all of mankind.  With the presence of Love there is the presence of Peace and in that stillness, all things align in harmony.  Imagine a world with that much experienced beauty.  Your Heart is already there.


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