World View Perspective: The Coming of Compassion

When the 'raw' emotions of unresolved fears threaten to divide and conquer us all, it becomes a 'war' like state of mind.  When we are divided within ourselves, one aspect of our self tears at the other.  Sometimes it is experienced as mind versus heart because, at times, our mind has one agenda and our heart has another.  In terms of survival, often the mind in the human body wins out against the wisdom of the Heart.  As the energies of anger, fear, greed and control are beginning to threaten so many people world wide, with even nature wrecking havoc, the most positive perspective to have and maintain is the opening to true faith in the coming of Compassion.  When our high Heart can open to a truthful understanding of the human situation versus the power of our sense of being separate from others, which creates so much strife, and realize instead that it is through the Heart that we are all truly connected and it is because of Love that we are here, then the world can and will change.  When our false perceptions of division are realigned with the truth that we are not separate from Love itself, that movement towards the truth of a living union with the highest Love will welcome in the positive change we all truly seek at our core level.  When we shift our perceptions from the inside out, true change will come and endure, not just for one but for the many and, indeed, for the world.


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