World View Perspective: We are not the 'knots"

Our human system knots up with knots when our unconscious or subconscious remembers being told or shown we are not something.  We can knot up in fear, worry or anxiety if something in our memory is triggered in negative ways.  Fear makes us contract and Love allows us to expand.  When we knot up with 'nots' we feel like we are the limitations and confinements of knots.  The reaction/response in our system is to pull away, go quiet, let go and/or take our energy away.  Sure signs that fear has entered our consciousness and we fear we are becoming not worthy, not happy, not included, not wanted or not desired to name a few emotional, psychological experiences.  Most parents teach us right from wrong and they also show us who we are in their minds and who we are not.  The 'nots' can make us feel badly and our system can hold onto that feeling for a long, long time until or unless we can honestly and fully let it go.  When we can consciously let it go to a higher power of Love and Faith, found in our Heart, we can begin transforming the knots of 'not' into 'I Am Love'.  In this way, we expand our positive sense of self through opening our hearts and our minds. As we do, we clear our field of having to receive those 'nots' again.  The more we embrace the positive, the more the negative must clear out and stay out.  Peace and Love in our system is then restored. 


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