"There have always been those . . .

. . . who create and those who tear down . . . perception is transformed and a new reality is born."  Dan Brown - "The Lost Symbol"

In the ancient text of India, the three universal energies/archetypes described are The Creator, The Destroyer and The Sustainer.  Looking at the various ages/stages of our human and spiritual growth, development and evolution,  and nature's four seasons, we notice this pattern.  Often what was created must be taken down or destroyed and, in between, sustained in order for life to go on and grow on. Like a two-lane road when it is first built.  As the population grows, and storm after storm destroys it with potholes, cracks and dips, a new four lane highway might be needed to accommodate the increased population and current times.  With all the newest engineering and technology, the larger highway is build to be sustained over time until it is once again torn down and a call for new development is heard again. Arriving in the name of progress, which answers to the demand for new growth.


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