World View Perspective: Self Love is God Love

To truly love our self is to accept God's Love for us.  Simply put, Loving our self like God Love's us aligns us with LOVE as an active, powerful force.  Simple in concept, perhaps difficult in practice!

Imagine an Infinite Being Loving and Accepting you on all levels and in all ways. Naturally, we would adjust our attitudes, our outlook, our self-forgiveness and we'd naturally begin to let go of traits that no longer serve us.  We'd realize we aren't the past and we would feel the release of those age old bonds that we have outgrown.  It would be a natural letting go!

We can love the past, be grateful for the past, realize our lessons from the past and shine all the way through to the current moment.

If we imagine the Purest Love Loving us all the way through, we'd realize that Love is the Love of the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy beaming right into us that that we already are within.  Any and all old 'knots' that we aren't will begin to undo themselves so the old stagnant energy can be transformed, freed and a much more positive self can appear!

The Self that already knows who it is, the Self that is deeply connected to SOURCE already.  This is the healing force that heals our mind and body.  It extends way beyond our physical human form.  It touches Light because it is LIGHT.  This LOVE is who we naturally, cleanly, clearly are when we aren't blocking our own way!

We block our own way by not learning to LOVE our selves through Self-Forgiveness, Grace and Acceptance.  Love is the Highest, Purest Force in the Cosmos and the Universe.  Love is the healing force.

Every breath can help bring in healing Light and Energy when we use our Highest Consciousness to remember and accept the Infinite's Love for us.  Just like the tide coming onto a beach, clearing the sand, the Infinite Love can sweep through us, cleaning out all the old, no longer needed debris, restoring what is true!

We just need the courage to sincerely ask in our Hearts of Hearts to feel that Infinite LOVE and have it begin to release all that is and has been false and bring in for us what is real.  We hold it and can discern it through self-love, knowing self-love is God's Love.

It is a powerful and useful tool to keep our systems fresh and clean and our thinking clear!

See self-love like an inner spotlight.  It can shine all through our systems; in and out, backwards through the past, forward, side to side or straight up.  The more we feel it, the more we use it, the more we realize it.

We cannot be separate from the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy, therefore, we can't be separate from self-love being God's Love.  Love is the answer and Love is the healing power we have in our very own HEARTS!  And it is good!


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