World View Perspective: Forgiving our own human nature

If we were to look into our own Heart, we would see and feel a deep and abiding LOVE.  Deep in that LOVE we would find a deep forgiveness for our self and all others.  That depth of LOVE within is surrounded by understanding.  What our Heart understands is we have many levels and layers to get through on our way to deeply understanding our human condition, nature and situation.

Yes, there are pitfalls, distractions, confusion, troubling situations and deceptions along the way that throw us all off course.  A bit like a mind field that creates illusions and a sense of safety that might not actually be there or might be there hiding!  We might apply our greatest intelligence to any situation and still trip and fall right into the middle of things.

Human nature is not perfect!  Human nature is not always ideal.  Human nature is not without unconsciousness.  Yet, it is in our very humanness that we have the most amazing possibilities and potentialities available to us.  We have a most amazing Heart capability.  We can continue to learn, grow, expand and know so much more about ourselves and others and consequently LOVE our way through anything.  Yet, first we must cultivate a sense and spirit of forgiveness.  

What we did at ten years old, what we did at twenty years old and what we learn as a parent or with our dying parents shifts and changes us as we go through life. Maybe we have worried we have done our life all wrong.  Maybe we feel we could have done much better.  The truth is we have always done the very best we could have with each and every situation we have come across. This does not mean perfection.  It means we took every tool in our tool box and applied it to what we thought we were facing.  Maybe we didn't have all thee required tools but we certainly applied what we did have!

So forgiving our very human nature in an act of self LOVE, allowing us to open up to our own self in order to move our self forward in LOVE, compassion and understanding.  It also allows us to feel aligned and attuned with the bigger LOVE; the Infinite LOVE.  The inner UNION of LOVE!

It is in the act of LOVING our self that allows this Higher UNION.  As we live a life of forgiving our selves deeply and completely, we also begin to actively, consciously forgive all others, too.  No one is perfect.  No one has lived life without mistakes, confusion, distraction and wrong turns.  We are all here to learn, to pay attention, to grow, mature and shift and change as needed and necessary.  It is ok to go through growing pains; both spiritual and human while we fully develop our inner and outer senses of self.  As long as we apply LOVE and FORGIVENESS to it all.

The LOVE and FORGIVENESS will open a space for life to breathe it's way in and help us to shine our very best selves out into the world.  Our human nature is a most beautiful gift and our Heart knows it, inside and out!


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