World View Perspective: When we know who we are

When we realize we are not all the differences we may see about each other or the differences between each other but rather all the points and aspects we have in common instead, human nature will continue to unconsciously hurt and harm each other because of those differences.  A collective Love, Truth and Grace for all living things can lift us all to a higher perspective where harming any living thing will not only feel wrong but the action to harm will collectively diminish because the truth will become stronger.  The truth is that when any of us hurt or harm any living thing we are also hurting and harming our selves, the environment, our earth and our world.

Yes, on some levels we are and have a distinct sense of who we are.  We have our boundaries, our own living space, our own opinions, views and values.  We are deeply connected to family, friends and our past understanding and experiences.  Yet, from a higher perspective we are also all connected through a living life force and through LOVE.  It is about becoming conscious of that bigger connection, that bigger, deeper relationship and through that awareness,  we can most effectively lift each other up to heights that change the overall consciousness for good.

When we know we are or can consciously become that higher vibration of positive Goodness, we begin to shift and change ourselves and consequently all around us, including the earth, our relationships and all living things.  This enables life to continue growing and going forward, which promotes greater growth and understanding.

Compassion is also enhanced as we learn we are all ONE on these higher levels of life going forward.  We expand into a vibration of LOVE as we open our Hearts, open our Greater Minds and see through a Higher Perspective.  Light and Love are real vibrations and we are all capable of choosing these Higher Viewpoints.

To shift our Collective focus to what we have in common and how we can uplift and inspire each other to live to our Highest qualities, can enhance life for us all. A re-balance of priorities is what is called for so our overall consciousness is enhanced for all living things.

A Consciousness of Heart, instead of individual minds, is what can uplift us all through LOVE, the LOVE that is the foundation of LIFE itself.  The Highest LOVE is who we really are and once we all know that, begin to live that, that Collective Vibration can and will change the world!  Let's become the LIVING LOVE and witness transformation at it's very core!  Let LOVE UNITE LIFE allowing all living things and beings to thrive!  That is who we are and what we are capable of doing and becoming!  LET OUR COLLECTIVE LOVE SHINE THROUGH OPEN AND COMPASSIONATE HEARTS.  Our HEARTS and LOVE will show us the way!


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