World View Perspective: The Cosmic Call

Aspiration is the great inner call to know the truth.  When we truly aspire to know and grow beyond what we know is true, the Great Cosmic Soul responds. When we aspire to know the Love within our own heart and soul, the Infinite Love responds.  It is like a great echo going out to find itself and respond in kind.  

If we imagine a great Cosmic Being that wants to awakening those with enough courage to listen, how would it respond, why would it respond and how would we be certain?

We would realize we aren't alone.  We would feel our hearts fill with such LOVE, JOY and PRESENCE, literally lifting our energy higher.  Forgiving the past and all people would be effortless, seeing the common good in us all would be refreshing, the higher and higher energies of expanded intelligence would be easily accessed and best of all, we would remember who we are!

We would remember we are never truly separate from this beautiful LOVING FORCE within us.  We would remember we always knew that!

An conscious inner relationship with the Great Cosmic Soul is such a JOYFUL UNION.  The Cosmic Consciousness exists and when we actively, consciously collaborate with it, it begins to unlock any blocks that may have been created by any falsehoods we have held onto throughout our lives.  It begins to untangle the 'knots', we have unconsciously wound ourselves up in to set us free to remember who we are within.  It is LOVE becoming Itself, using our natural abilities and nature, to express Itself to and through, making us an instrument of positive change through LOVE and PRESENCE.  Guiding us towards transformation and greater awareness as we begin to see life and ourselves in a new way; an enhanced way.

When LOVE calls to us from within and we begin to trust the guidance we receive, our life begins to shift and change in earnest.  We begin to 'let go and LET GOD' (author unknown) show us the best way forward.  We can experience our system being filled with LIGHT, JOY, COMPASSION and UNDERSTANDING! Any negative aspects we have held onto turn into positive energy.

Seen through the eyes of expanded energy, we are all surrounded by light, Light and more LIGHT!  Trusting that Light and Love helps us trust the Universal and Cosmic Love too.  Our energy can expand, our Hearts can expand and our awareness of what is possible can grow.  Trust the Great Cosmic Consciousness can have an inner relationship with you and, through that LOVE, you will remember who you are and it is GOOD!


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