World View Perspective: Our Joy is Infinite Joy

Joy is at the core of our Being.  Joy is a spiritual, present and inherent energy that uplifts us, inspires us and frees us to be ourselves.  It is deeply connected to the Infinite Spirit that moves to us and through us.  Joy is Spirit in an active, present life force for our benefit.  Joy is that part of us that keeps us involved, engaged and excited about life.  Joy is a surrender to Spirit because it is spiritually based.  Joy remembers who we are and it is the perfect guide for getting us there.  Whatever it is we find Joy in, that is what we should seek because when we seek Joy, Joy finds us and takes us higher to greater Joy.

If we deeply consider the Great Cosmic Soul and it's Consciousness that is inherent to us because ultimately, it is us, Joy in that awareness takes our life force energy and lifts it oh so much higher!  See it as a great Cosmic chord of Pure Energy.  As it is plucked from a great expansive height, so the same tune is heard and felt throughout us all.  ONE TUNE AND THE ONE TUNE IS LOVE.
There is no barrier, there is no boundary, there is no limitation to the vibration of LOVE through the absolute JOY of BEING that same Cosmic BEING; that same INFINITE SOURCE.

Our Joy can be blocked in a myriad of ways.  We can think too much, avoid all feeling, stop expressing ourselves or analyze everything through only scientific means.  We can even think JOY is childish and distracting when in fact, JOY is what brings us our most profound life experiences or, perhaps, just alerts us to how long we have lived without JOY.

If our physical body is sad, depressed, ill or just plain run down through exhaustion, trying to activate JOY might be too difficult.  Yet, it is the very thing we need to feel alive again and willing and wanting to be part of LIFE, LOVE and TRUE CONNECTION!  Seeking and searching out a deeper meaning to life, truly wanting to access one's JOY can be enough to roust it and enter a relationship with it that truly is PURE JOY!  It is the same as seeking out our Spiritual Self. JOY is a spiritual experience because it is real in the moment and expansive in it's expression; it is aliveness!

When Pure JOY becomes who we are, which in fact, it is, our JOY and Happiness are no longer dependent on something or anyone outside us.  We just become the PURE JOY itself and then there is no stopping us.  Worry, dread, fear, living in the past are all different ways we stop our own JOY from BEING who we are and often, we don't even know it!

Consciously, actively create a relationship with your inner JOY and invite it, allow it to engage you in the JOY of BEING YOURSELF!  Feel your PURE JOY BEING the INFINITE JOY; feel that ONENESS, feel that UNITY, feel that expanded connection and let it be who you are . . . IN JOY!  Enjoy BEING IN JOY!

Just know in your core that JOY is inherently YOU!  Breathe in JOY, see it as a color, a vibration, a sound and trust it to clear out all things that you are not. JOY is the force that can change your life and JOY can invite in our Highest, Truest HEART CONNECTION because JOY loves to seek out ITSELF and that includes the Universe and the Cosmic planes where our soul remembers the Great Cosmic Soul and in that memory . . . JOY is the common bond of LOVE and DELIGHT that reminds us there is truly no separation between our individual selves and the INFINITE BEING OF PURE LOVE and PURE ENERGY.  That awareness can only be JOYFUL and it is that JOY we can surrender to by remembering who we are!  JOY IS LOVE, JOY IS LIFE and JOY IS LIGHT . . . PURE JOY IS GOOD and there is always an INFINITE supply of JOY ITSELF!


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