World View Perspective: The Force of LOVE is also Self-Love

The Force of LOVE is as connected to us as our own self-love.  Not just a separate self love but the LOVE of ONE SELF as we all express it.  Yet to our core, this same LOVE is also present.  Any locks or blocks in this regard can be shifted by realizing LOVE is the ever constant Force in the Universe and it is manifesting to us and through us at all times.  What gets in the way is usually ego-based, which can be holding onto age old resentments, grievances, anger, deep hurt or frustrations that have not yet been forgiven and released.

Love of our True Self can and does release all the age old energy blocks that prevent us from this full realization and better connection to the big and vast picture of life and our part in it.  Our True Heart Soul Self is LOVE itself as it manifests and expresses itself.  

If we imagine our smallest sense of self, perhaps even feeling it as our 'charcoal of the soul' self, and imagine it saying over and over, for example, 'Thank you for loving me, God, thank you for loving me.'  All personal aspects that have previously denied that LOVE will begin to clear out and begin to resonate more fully with LOVE ITSELF, allowing true healing to occur. 

(By the way, replacing the term 'God' with 'Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy' or the 'Grand Cosmic Soul', allows more flexibility of thought and universal acceptance, not limited to just one religion, which has throughout history created global tensions.  The Grand Cosmic Soul is connected to all of us as we are to it, despite any boundaries of any kind.)

When we can accept this real connection as a deeply held Truth within our very soul/Soul, then we can also realize that Cosmic/Universal LOVE is also who we are into our very cellular, human nature.  This truthful energetic concept reminds us, connects us to the ONENESS of who we all are and as we aspire to know our Truth more deeply and completely, we begin to see and understand the Light, Love and Higher Intellect we all are versus the false sense of a separate self that we have believed we are, due largely to the fact we are all in separate physical bodies.

Understanding that Self-Love and Self-Acceptance are all a part of the process of enlightening ourselves through LOVE and all it's powers of healing, enables us to reach our higher aspirations.  LOVE expands us and, through Self-Love, our LOVE touches all around us, surrounding us, lifting everything up through LOVE to LOVE ITSELF, including the earth and all living things!  It is like a universal song going out through the Cosmos, to be heard by all and sung back to all as a resonating tune to ATTUNE all of life to LOVE.  We are the instruments of that resonating sound as we also conceive it and receive it!

Imagine the Highest LOVE you can LOVING the smallest sense of self and be willing to free up any and all things in the way, as they come up, and see how your human system feels.  Understand and embrace that LOVE is that UNIVERSAL/COSMIC FORCE that UNITES all things back to ITSELF, starting with SELF-LOVE and SELF-ACCEPTANCE, all the way up, out and inward and see if JOY doesn't begin to penetrate your every motion and movement.  LOVE is the way . . . and the way is GOOD!


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