World View Perspective: Minds divide, Hearts unite

In the ego mind of mankind, there is division.  In the human mind, we see ourselves as separate beings because of our individual physical bodies.  This perspective creates duality and separateness.  It creates a 'mine versus yours' thinking, which divides people.  Viewed through the Heart, there is Unity and joint efforts.  A divided community can harm it's citizens, whereas a united city can bring people together.

Through the Collective Heart, we realize the Light in each other and that everyone makes up the whole.  Through the Heart there is more acceptance, understanding, Compassion and tolerance.  It makes it easier to generate, create and reinforce positive relations.  People have so much more in common than not, which is easier to accept through the Heart.

So many of our human goals are the same.  Survival, family, friends, food, clothing, community, education, joys, sorrows, connection and endurance.  No matter where in the world we are, what our income is or what our history is, we have more in common then not, which means true understanding of each other is conceptually not that difficult.

The human mind can be a treasure of facts, functions, abilities, learning, growth and development but it can also create hatred, bigotry, fear and division.  When we expand our thinking to include a broader perspective, we can see the greater possibilities within each one of us.  Opening our minds and setting fear and ignorance free while we open our high and highest Heart, we can begin to realize we are just different angles on one prism or different facets of one big diamond.

Each of us is capable of remembering that we are part of Love, Light and Truth that expands way beyond the universe.  We are here to experience Life, Love, Joy and Gratitude as we live our lives.  Each one of us plays a part, a part that is needed and necessary for the greater good of the whole.  To embrace it, however, we cannot remain just using our divided ego-mind.  We simply must open and trust our own Heart, our beautiful human heart/Heart because it is through the Heart that division will cease to be.  Seeking unity, union, peace and harmony are pursuits that must have the heart of Hearts engaged because it is through the Heart that we can touch LOVE ITSELF, which is the force of healing, union and joy between people, earth and life itself.

When the world becomes this divided, the only way for greater and greater UNITY is through the heart of HEARTS, which links us to LOVE ITSELF, which restores the harmony and balance to us and through us as it restores the earth and all living things through LOVE too!

Spend time each day within your own Heart and feel the difference it brings into your life.  Take time out to do it, especially when your ego-mind feels divided.  In our Highest Heart, fear, anger, sadness and despair doesn't exist.  LOVE exists and it is good and a most positive healer.  LOVE, COMPASSION AND UNDERSTANDING are Heart aspects and when LOVING people UNITE, our view point can change and so can the world!


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