World View Perspective: Getting past the fear of the past

We are here to yearn to learn in order to discern, both on the human plane and the spiritual plane.  It is natural for us to seek growth, expansion and determination to broaden out our perspective.  Yet, as we move on from one aspect of us and our learning to the next phase, sometimes we are held very far back.  Despite all our best efforts, we can not make any genuine headway. There might be the subtlest of reasons, almost a hidden prevention happening that literally blocks our own progress.  The more than likely culprit is fear.  Fear can have a grip on us that is tightly held, with or without our knowledge. Perhaps it is a small, nonchalant fear or it could be a giant fear that has dogged us all our life.

More than likely it is a fear based on something that affected our system in the past.  It had a negative or fearful impact way back when and because it went undetected, it has grown into a much bigger more dominating fear, perhaps still unrealized.

One of the biggest fears we can carry is the fear of not surviving.  If we felt any deep concerns as a child or young adult, regarding our survival, we may still be carrying that memory around without realizing it's impact.  Also, as a developing young person, if we also feared lack of any kind, like money, love, affection, comfort, we may be holding onto a fear of losing any that we do have. A deep seated fear such as this can keep us very attached to the old fears, as if we still protecting our self to survive, even if in current day, we are fine, we did survive. Therefore, loving and releasing the fear of not surviving now would be a happier,healthier process.  Clear the fear and feel much better becoming lighter and brighter!

Finding the deepest courage we can muster, in order to get past the fears of the past, is what is needed.  How do we do this?  How do we access the ability to set these old fears free in order to move forward?  One sure way is to imagine the Highest Light and Love you can above your head.  See it and feel it as useful for your own healing, which it is by the way.  Imagine you are consciously actively bringing that Light down from above your head into the inside of you where the old fears hide.  Just like a young child would bring a flashlight into their room and shine it on anything scary that is hidden in darkness.  Once they put the Light on it, all the fears vanish because the Light reveals all is well.  We can do the same with our own Light.  We can shine it right into our darkest, scariest areas where all our real or imagined fears lie.  By consciously, actively doing that, we can literally scare the fears away and release the fears about the past that may have been holding us back in our spiritual and human development.

The past is gone and so the negative impacts of the past can go also.  Holding onto any of it can become problematic in terms of our growth.  Embracing the current now is what also sets us free.  Who are we now, what do we feel now, what positive action can we take now that will make a positive difference in my life and the lives around us are things we can explore in the now moment without fear.

What can clear it and does clear it is what remains when we consciously, actively let the past go, the fears about the past go and all our past fears go, Love will replace the space where the fears used to be.  Love fills the space and place of any and all old fears that no longer serve us well.  Love is the Light that helps us forgive, forget and move forward, fear is what will always hold us back. Love yourself,  Love your past, forgive your past and be grateful for your past, even yesterday. Embrace the true Love and Light you really are and embrace your Truth.  Let Love release all your old fears and rejuvenate all of you as you embrace and welcome in each Now moment with joy!  Feel yourself filling up with your natural LOVE and LIGHT and LOVE IT . . . it is good!


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