World View Perspective: We hold on so tight, our soul says let go

In our human development, we are taught to hold on.  Hold onto our families, our friends, our values, our beliefs and our sense of self.  Yet, we can unconsciously or otherwise, hold on too tight and for too long and consequently thwart our growth and further expansion.  Maybe we are too loyal, maybe we are too stringent, maybe we are too committed.  In any case, it can certainly have a negative effect on our human system and even create and generate disease and illness over time.

The act of surrender may seem foreign but actually it is the truest state.  When we trust our very soul with the true answer, our holding on can and does diminish.  See it like a letter you need to write to someone to set them free of an old burden.  You are always writing it within you but you never actually send it.  Then one day, the postman walks by and you have the courage to express it.  You send it out energetically and suddenly all your inner knots begin to unravel and you feel lighter, brighter and freer.  You have effectively let go of the burden of not expressing something and now you have freed up your system.  Now what has to happen can and will happen because you have freed up the space and now the new aspects have room to make something new occur.

For the sake of the soul, some things are meant to happen.  If we only hold onto what is tried, true and familiar, we aren't staying open to what else should occur for reasons we may not be able to see right away.  Surrendering to a more positive way forward is important and meaningful and can happen when we can trust the Universe, Source, the Great Cosmic Soul or our Heart of Hearts.  Maybe we are currently doing the right thing on our right and perfect path and yet maybe we aren't.  Sometimes, just turning inward to your own heart, you can ask to be shown what is currently correct or to see, know and understand what is next.

To really feel how you and your system feel, see if you are holding on tight to energy somewhere in your body.  Then have a sense of bringing a bright white light down from the Universe right into the tense place in your system.  Have a sense of the light freeing up the tight place and literally untying it.  Say, 'Thank you' for the experience and even for the experience of holding on to it and feel it go through conscious, active surrender.  Give it up to Guidance and watch what gets freed up in your life as a result. 

Our human system wants to hold on but our soul wants us to let go.  When we can truthfully be open, forgiving and trusting in letting go of any and all things we are holding onto, many things can move on from there because there is now the space to do so.  It can seem daunting at first but with practice, we begin to see the effects of our positive efforts.  What is still meant to be ours will remain but what can go will go and as it does, it does so with love.  Love is our very best intention.  Try applying Love to each aspect of release and feel the ease of that Loving surrender as it lets go to Love itself.  It will continue to set your system free.


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