World View Perspective: When the personal self trusts the Cosmic Soul

The personal self can unconsciously, subconsciously hold onto negativity and old stuffed stuck hurts, disappointments and angry resentments, lasting a lifetime.  It can even turn in on itself, creating and generating more confusion, self-doubt, blame and shame.  Further, it can do this without even knowing it.  Until or unless the personal self realizes it can open that hidden domain to a much Higher, more Loving energy of feeling and healing.  The Great Cosmic Soul, or Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy, is the Loving, Compassionate Universal, Cosmic Force that we are never separate from because it is impossible to be.  That Loving Force knows us, is within us and surrounds us daily, moment to moment, breath to breath.  The Great Cosmic Soul does not want us to suffer.  The Great Cosmic Soul simply asks us to trust and to surrender all the blocks, locks and shocks our human system may be holding onto and consciously surrender them to that Purest Love.  Even if, or maybe especially when, we don't know what they are, we can still ask to be helped in releasing them. To untie the knots and to unite with our expanded Self is the goal in each lifetime.  To really understand who we are and why we are here is the purpose.  To unite consciously with the Cosmic Soul and the Purest Love, allows our system to feel that Love and heal with that Love and to vibrate that Love, which heals others too.  It is to us and through us this Loving, inspiring, healing process takes place, realigning us with our deepest Compassion, Love and Light, all of which is our greater Truth.  We must also understand our system, nature and heart and protect ourselves consciously as well as trust we are being protected.

To be in relationship with the Great Cosmic Soul is a profound and Loving exchange.  It is a deep sense of 'Consciously collaborating with the Consciousness itself'.  A deeper guidance takes place and a deeper trust, along with the Love and Faith in the process and in ourselves.  Loving our self/Self and having Faith in our self/Self is key to this process of overall healing!

Through the Love and Faith, the personal self begins to let go of any and all old energy issues it has not resolved as they dissolve into the deeper Love and Trust.  This is the healing and the greater alignment needed to rebalance the system for greater healing towards wholeness.

We really are here to know and live Love in the Highest way by understanding who we really are and why we are here.  Everything is energy and becoming the Highest, most positive energy we can become matters because it can resonate with Love itself, which positively affects all of life, too.  See it as a wave of positive energy, going out in circles of Light, having a positive effect on everything it touches.  See new vibrations of Love and Light happening spontaneously.  The Great Cosmic Soul is this Purest Loving Vibration and as the personal self trusts it, the more our systems fill with this same energy.

More Love and More Light in our system, in our lives and in all of life around us happens and more harmony is naturally reached.  This is our Highest goal and our most sincere aspirations provide the pathways to get there.  Trust the Great Cosmic Soul and that Purest Love and invite it in to transform your system in and with LOVE.  Let that LOVE continue to evolve throughout your system and feel sincere gratitude for the wonder of true and Loving transformation.


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