World View Perspective: Trusting our inner truth

Truth lives in the core of who we are and when we seek to understand it, we can have it revealed to us.  We can receive prompts that alert us to when we are in falsehood, such as denial, and with sincere depth of questioning, we can see the truth through the falsehood.  It is a feeling that something is or has been false and it is now becoming real and genuine.  A real feeling will reveal itself to us and we will know and understand it.  We may not be able to articulate it, express it, speak of it or even write of it but down deep we will realize it and recognize it.  At the core of us, we understand this and, with effort, patience and consistency, we do learn to trust it.  We may have been programmed to not hear our inner truth or we may have been frightened by it in the past.  Consequently, we don't believe in it or turn to it when we have sincere questions.  Yet, our inner truth is a dependable intelligence that we can summon, as needed, and learn to listen to as our own inner guidance. 

Truth is fundamentally within us.  To navigate it and discern it takes patience and faith in the process.  Our human mind and human emotions can certainly also guide us to make certain decisions and they might rely on immediate human needs and demands to ensure certain desired outcomes.  Yet deeper in our inner awareness, we can ask the bigger questions, seek more meaningful dialogue and learn to receive our deeper, more aware truth.

Sometimes our inner truth will send us signals that strike us as not relative to what we are doing or why.  Yet, they continue to arise from somewhere within us, like some lost beacon that is suddenly awake.  We may receive the signals correctly and we might receive them correctly but not interpret them correctly.  Sometimes what is required is to sit still in a quiet place and explore the signals.  Light a candle, for example, and say them out loud so you can hear yourself think and be aware of how you feel.  Perhaps a place keeps coming to mind, or a person or a timetable.  This may seem to have no relevance to your current life yet it continues to come to you to get your attention.  It is worth taking the time to contemplate, meditate, sit in silence to receive what is being sent to you.  Make sure and discern how true it feels to you.

During a reading a long time ago, a rose quartz crystal of mine kept grabbing my attention.  I was focused on doing the work on a lady I had never met.  Finally, I stopped and tuned into my crystal and listened to what it had to say.  The crystal literally explained that the lady had purchased one for herself and there was a reason she had done so.  By stopping to listen to the signal I was receiving, I was able to provide the depth of understanding the woman was requesting in her reading.  It may seem quite odd to most people but when we trust our own inner truth, that truth can come in any form.  It wasn't up to me to judge what my crystal had to say or that it wanted to express anything at all.  I simply had to trust it and discern it was correct because it felt correct.

Start by having faith in your own inner truth and then make time every day to sit with it and sincerely listen.  Make note of what you receive and feel free to test it and respond to it.  Watch, see and feel how the signals makes you feel and notice how much joy, inspiration and encouragement you can receive from your own inner truth.  Notice with appreciation how lovingly and positively it can guide you each and every day.  Trust your inner knowingness and find that inner peace you truly seek.  Find that it is all truly within you.


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