World View Perspective: We are not the wound

No matter where or what we perceive our wound or wounds to be, we are not our wounds. The human system can go through all kinds of shake ups and shake downs, hits and bits of information that can render it 'affected, effected or infected'.  These experiences might come from external influences, other people we know and don't know or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  It actually doesn't matter, the situation, people or a person may have an impact on our thinking, feeling or sense of self that seems to knock us back or down.  If our human mind or feeling base grabs onto the experience as to who we think or feel like we are, that energy can fester within us for a long, long time.

When we put our focus on and within our own Heart, we begin to realize the Love we carry isn't separate from the Love from the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy.  Same Force and Source of Love that fuels the Cosmic and Universal Love is within us, too.  This Force and Source of Love is the great I AM LOVE, which fuels our life force, too.  That is ultimately who we are, which is not the knocks, blocks or locks we might have experienced in this life.

To know oneself and love oneself is a very positive focus to have in life.  With that Love we carry, we can use that LOVE to clear away and clean away any and all things that we truly are not in this life.  This includes the great wound.

Any wounds that we have carried or still carry are ultimately false.  They can and will feel real until or unless they are released, but they do not define us!  If you see your self standing in a white light, with all your real or imagined wounds, open and vulnerable, and see a much bigger LIGHT coming up from behind you, merging with you and removing all sense of or imprints from any and all wounds, you will get a true sense of clearing.  As this LIGHT departs, it removes all the lumps and bumps, leaving you full of Love and Light, refreshed and renewed, and afterwards, you feel a greater peace within you.

This is the energetic truth of how it works when we put our Faith into the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy.  We begin to realize we are not any of the wounds we carry.  We realize we are, in truth, aligned with a far greater Love and Light and this Love and Light is a healing agent.  It attunes us, aligns us and harmonizes us with Love Itself, reminding us we are not separate.

Being aware of any and all wounds helps us move towards healing them with  Love, Light and letting go.  Forgiveness and gratitude are two more ways to help with the healing of any wounds.  Our greatest wound happens when we think or feel like we are separate from LOVE Itself, which is not the truth.  Let Love and Light heal you, have your Faith in that process and consciously, actively begin to let go of all that you are not.  Embrace instead who you are in your Heart.  That is the Love that can transform your life and heal those wounds we have carried.  Breathe in I Am Love and watch those wounds disappear!


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