World View Perspective: Our Choice for Voice

In each moment of our lives, we have a Choice of Voice.  We can see the world and ourselves in positive ways or take the negative view.  We can choose joy or sorrow, happiness or worry, greed or Grace, fear of Faith. And in that choice, we can chose to give it a voice or not.  Speaking up for how we feel is standing up for who we are.  We have all been given our own perspective of life.  It is developed early in life by all the factors present in our life.  Perhaps we don't get the full story when we are young or perhaps we aren't able to fully grasp it by then until we can gain more development, experience, knowledge and awareness.

If we keep going and growing, we realize we can expand our consciousness and, through that process, our perspective of life expands.  Usually when that happens, people in our lives can either hear us and understand who we are with greater awareness or they may want to silence us because they simply cannot grasp what we are saying.  We might realize that we are being shut down due to someone else's fear, their limitations, their internal restrictions or their ego's need to dominate and control this new part of us.

Yet, no matter what it takes, it is still important to have your choice for voice; your voice, your expression, your perspective and your own genuine, authentic take on the situation.  Sing it to the sky, tell it to a flowing stream, stand on the sand, share it with the stars at night and articulate how you really feel.  Send it off the birds, put it on the back of the whales, let it go to the wind, whisper it to the flowers . . . just use your voice in your own unique way.  Perhaps simply write it, put your feelings into stones and throw them into the ocean, sing along to music that expresses how you feel, boom it out the car window.  Be creative, be you, use your own powerful expression because you can make that choice.  Trust it will be heard, somehow, some way, by someone at sometime.  And if it doesn't or hasn't, it has at least been heard by you!  You matter, no matter what and so does your own unique expression!

Who we all are as individuals matters and to learn about who you really are, begin by learning how to genuinely express yourself.  Maybe you need that best friend, maybe you need that time alone, maybe you just need to look in the mirror and be honest with how you really feel.  Begin to trust that feeling, begin to believe in you again and continue giving that expression.  Let it bring you back to yourself.  Be your own best, most positive Choice for Voice.  Let us all see, and hear, who you are!


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