World View Perspective: Remembering our Inner True Feeling

When we are true to our Inner True Feeling about something or someone, we can feel a deeper alignment with Truth.  It feels correct in our very system, like the ringing of a clear bell.  We know it deep inside us because we remember a time when we were actively, consciously aligned with our Truest Feeling.  This Truest Feeling is when we know we are not separate from our own Highest Heart.  That we are truly linked to the Highest Feeling we can align with within us.  In our Highest Heart, Truth lives and is in contact with us all the time.  The issue comes when we forget to listen to our own Highest Heart.  When we have learned to listen to our own Highest Heart, we can feel it in our body. When we are not aligned with the Truth that lives within our own Heart, we can also feel it.  Our minds can deceive us, distract us and respond to negativity, fear, worry and fret and yet our Heart can give us clear messages, guiding us in the right direction for our greatest good. 

Making time to hear our own Heart speak to us assists us greatly in remembering how we really feel when we are receiving a True Feeling about something or someone.  Our Highest Heart can and does alert us to deception that our minds might overlook or just not believe.  It alerts us through True Feeling. 

A doorbell might ring and yet our Heart stops us in our tracks from answering it.  We don't yet know why we have pulled away.  Sometime later we hear that fraudulent sales people have been in the area and it was best not to answer the door because that was who came knocking.  What happened is we responded to our Heart's True Feeling, not our personal mind, to the correct message to avoid opening the door.

Many stories have been written about the 'feeling' one received right before boarding a doomed flight so they changed their plans and saved their lives.  Or other people who got their baby up in the night right before a light above the baby's bed fell into their crib.  These True Feelings are messages and prompts to pay attention to and respond to, which guide us well to stay aware.

When we are True to our Truest Feeling, we have accessed an intelligence that is not separate from the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy.  It is in Truth, connected deeply to that inner Source of Wisdom, Knowledge and Inner Knowingness we carry within us. We don't have to prove it or demonstrate it, we have to recognize it and realize it and be grateful for feeling that inner Truest Feeling.  We knew that True Feeling before and we can remember it and feel it now.  Trust your own Truest Feeling and have Faith in your Highest Heart and what it knows is True.


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