World View Perspective: Releasing negative thoughts and feelings

With any aspiration to become more and more conscious of our daily thoughts, feelings and actions towards our self and others, it is easy to overlook past patterns.  Old negative patterns of thoughts and feelings can form unconscious energy constructs that play over and over until or unless we can consciously, actively release them.  What we may not remember or stay conscious of is that there is an energy connection between all people.  When we utter or state out loud and/or share our negative thoughts or feelings with a friend about someone else or even our self, we are effecting that energetic connection.  See it like 'caking up' a beautiful golden web of connectivity among all living things.  Every negative thought or feeling is like throwing dark, heavy dirty mud on the lovely natural connection between all living things, which changes the dynamic.  It isn't easy to catch the small and quick negative, angry, childish, jealous, envious impulses we think and feel every day, especially if the negativity is deep in our unconscious/subconscious level and layer.  Yet, when we truly aspire to remember who we are and why we are here, we must have the courage to go into our self deeply enough to ferret out the negative patterns.  Think of the times when you were a child and you came home hurt and angry about losing a contest to someone competitive and hurtful, who made you feel badly about yourself.  You no doubt expressed your unhappiness about the situation to whoever would listen and you may have even held onto it for a long time.  You may have even held it against them for a long time.  When we do that, we are putting negativity on other people as well as our self.  It may seem slight or benign but over time that negativity can grow and grow. Over time it can continue to have a negative impact on our thinking as well as how we feel about others as well as our self.

On the level of our Heart, which understands Love and the Compassion that holds us all together in the big picture, we can in every moment, with each breath, begin releasing any and all negative thoughts and feelings we have ever had or held onto towards any living things, including our self.  Love it all, forgive it all, bless it all and be grateful for the person, people or experiences.  The more we let go of the past, the more freedom we feel now to welcome in positive thoughts and feelings, which creates and generates more and more positive energy.

Negative thoughts and feelings happen to all of us throughout our lifetimes.  Many are subtle and in most cases, we don't even mean it.  When you catch yourself uttering negative or harmful/hurtful thoughts and feelings, 'stop and drop' them as soon as you can.  Let them go and send positive thoughts instead.  Notice how this shift in attitude makes you feel.  You will welcome in a whole new shift in perspective the more you concentrate on what is truly positive and Love based.  It will also change your own energy and life for the better.


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