World View Perspective: The only way to it is through it

When we aspire to know and understand the truth of any situation, we need faith and trust to guide us on our way.  If we aspire to know our purpose here, for example, we must apply faith and trust in our aspiration to discover that purpose. By doing so, we can be guided to things, people, situations and challenges we never would have imagined.  We actually may end up completely stuck in them until we begin to realize we are walking the path to it in order to get through it.  We need to play out all the false beliefs we have about our selves and our life before they fall away like a dandelion in the breeze when the winds of change come.  When something has finished it's course because we have completed it, experiences begin to altar because the lesson has ended and we must make room for what is next.  Maybe we are contented to finish middle school because we are ready for high school but on the spiritual level, some of the lessons are much more subtle.  What holds our structure one day may not even exist the next because that age/stage and phase is now over.  Like any kind of maturity, it takes all levels and layers of awareness to tackle the issue before we can stand back and assess fairly that we now have attained a full understanding. 

Learning to drive a car, for example, can take us through fear, concern, rules and appropriateness while out among others all abiding the same rules and then it forces us to practice, practice and practice some more until we are certain we have attained the skills. Finally the day comes when we have knowledge, experience, mastery and confidence that we can handle a vehicle safely, properly and well under any circumstances.  The only way to it is through it applies here as well.

When we are willing to sincerely aspire to know the truth of life and the true nature of things, we must live out what is false first.  Discerning what feels real and truthful versus what feels false is an important step in finding our way to our true self and to get to it, we must go through it. 

A simple technique if we find our selves over our head in a stressful situation that doesn't feel like us, we can say into our heart earnestly that 'I Am Not This'.  Clarity to support that conviction comes swiftly because we are asking sincerely to see what and who we really are and where the truth actually lies in the situation we are in.  In those moments, if we are shown a different or more positive action, along with the clarity, that is the place to start.  The more we practice this simple approach, the easier it gets to feel the difference, especially because that is what our High Heart wants too.  Infinite Love is truly where to get to and our High Heart truly knows the way to it.  We have to trust it to take us through it . . . to it.


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