World View Perspective: When we Love, we are not separate

When we resonate with Love, we naturally connect to all things that also recognize Love.  When we Love we are not separate, we are in Union with the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies.  We are aligned with all that upholds this creation in Love.  It is a real feeling in our Heart of Hearts.  Our recognition of this Consciousness allows us to become more and more of who we naturally are.  When we think we are limited to just being our mental and physical self, we don't remain open to all of who we are.  We block out our Higher Self and purpose.  Fear, anger, frustration are some examples of energies that can rob us of this natural Higher connection to Consciousness.  Union with our Higher Self is what invites us to remember who we really are and it keeps our aspiration going.  When our deepest self aspires to seek union with our Higher Self and to understand our purpose for being here in a more limitless way, that true aspiration calls forth an expanded response. 

It is said, "Whatever we seek is also seeking us." 

The Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies wants union with us to become us, which is the release of suffering. 

It is said, "Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional."

When we access our own Compassionate Consciousness, it can fill our system with such Love that it can push out any and all negativity that we are not.  Loving Consciousness is stronger than any fear.  Most of our fear is related to feeling separate.  When we truly Love we are not separate.  When we truly Love, we are in Union with the Infinite Being.  In this state, there is joy in the realization that there is no separation.  Let go of the fear of separation. Open your Heart and feel the connection.


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