World View Perspective: Fear binds us, Faith sets us free

When we open our Hearts to Compassion for ourselves and others, we see that fear is the bondage that prevents human beings from moving on.  Fear can live in any part of the system, even all parts.  Until or unless it is surrendered to a higher energy, like Faith, fear blocks our ability to see clearly.  Fear traps us, tricks us into believing it is real.  When we put our focus on releasing from the fear through the Faith in our expanded Heart, through Love, we can move ourselves forward towards more Faith and less fear.  Compassion enables us to actively seek greater and greater Faith, knowing it is a greater force to eliminate fear.  Compassion and Faith each access a higher energy that lifts up our perspective away from contracting fear.  Energies of Compassion, Love, Faith and Trust are energies that are part of our expanded Self.  Accessing them through meditation, contemplation or quiet reflection enables our higher Light to shine a greater Truth to us.  With more Light to see, we can clear the fear that binds us.  When we walk in Faith that we are guided and protected by higher aspects of our self, fear loosens it's grip on our system.  Being bound up in fear, we are held back from self-realization, self-understanding and greater consciousness and awareness.  It holds us back to a limited sense of ourselves when, in fact, we are truthfully more capable of being expanded with greater Light, Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding.  Everything is energy.  Energy can expand or contract.  When we choose to live from an open Heart and an expanded mind, we are choosing a greater Faith in who we are and we are pushing out the fear!  In that greater and expanded sense of Self, fear can only retreat!  Clear the fear by accessing your True Self in the Heart.  Have Faith in your full Heart filled with Compassion and Love.  Let Love clear away the fear because the Force of Love is much more effective at bringing about positive and lasting change.  Have Faith in the Force of Love.


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