World View Perspective: Compassion for self-acceptance

The human system is very capable of holding onto old ideas about ourselves that continue to haunt, taunt, bother, consume and distract us from experiencing more of who we really are.  The past ideas, old thoughts and feelings go around and around in our minds, as if they can find resolve in that manner.  The greater and more effective way to resolve them and solve them is to offer them to the Love and Compassion in our own Heart.  Our True Heart knows exactly who we are and all that has happened in our life and especially what has affected us and had a negative or hurtful, harmful impact on our system.  In our High Heart's ability, we can know what has happened, surrender it, release it, clear it and clean it through our own inherent Love and Compassion.  Accessing that level of Love and Compassion enables us to be our own best healers.  On our way to realizing who we are, we must let go of who we aren't and we do this process through becoming aware of our own abilities to access Love and self-acceptance.  When we are younger, we make choices based on our best understanding, consciousness, awareness and overall development that we have in any currently developed skill set.  Any and all points in our development that are not adequately developed in those moments, can make it difficult to make positive choices that won't have negative consequences because we are not conscious of the choices we make or why we've made them.  When we mature into greater consciousness and soul development, we must go back through our lifetime to date and, through our Love and Compassion, practice self-acceptance.  Surrender any and all guilt, shame, confusion, control issues, fear based-thinking, negative self-image issues, worry, self-criticism, self-judgment or negative feelings about our past relationships.  We aren't still those aspects of our self and to set free those levels of confusion for greater awareness to come, we must let go and accept our self as we truly are.  Our High Heart knows who we really are and why we have come.  To accept our self as we truly are invites in Joy because we realize we are not the past or the confusion around the past and we are not those old false ideas about that self.  When we let go, we let Compassion fill us with Love and self-acceptance.  In that way, we resonate with more and more Love and Joy, which is our natural state.


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