World View Perspective: Compassionate Joy

When compassion touches our Heart and spreads to another, joy is evident.  Joy moves the soul into positive action.  Like a song makes us want to dance, the feeling of compassion makes us happy to be alive and able to feel the force of positivity.  Compassionate Joy is saying to our human system being alive is a continuing gift from life itself.  It is a true heart-felt expression of genuine care, depth and understanding.  Joy is an active release of Loving Compassion.  Try it for yourself.  Feel as much open Hearted Joy within yourself, let it spread to all parts of yourself; mental, emotional, physical and into the past 'you'.  Feel the power and energy of the Compassionate Joy as it moves your Heart to accept life right now.  Smile, dance, open up to Joy as a living energy and transformational vibration into a continued happiness.  Our system receives so much daily negativity and it can hold and contain any old hurts, pains and discomforts as if they just happened yesterday.  Given all the old, stagnant energy, there simply must be another force, capable of shifting and changing the negativity to a positive energy within us.  Compassionate Joy is such a force for positive change.  It is a real feeling that heals as it lightens our heavy experiences and literally changes the old vibration.  As a positive vibration, it uplifts everything around it.  Watch a baby smile or laugh and so does everyone else.  Accessing our Highest Love energy will shift and change who we are and enable all those we love to feel it as well as the whole world.  Standing for Compassionate Joy is standing for a positive experience in life and supporting and inspiring all of life to do the same.


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