World View Perspective: Compassion sees through the veils of pretense

Human beings are quite skilled at hiding, pretending and masking emotions, feelings, thoughts, reactions and behaviors that might make them unfavorable in the eyes of others.  It helps to preserve the areas where they feel most vulnerable, afraid, susceptible or fragile.  When we access compassion through the awareness of a higher Love found in our highest Heart, there is no further need to cover up our perceived areas of weakness.  The true Force of Love streams right into our consciousness and it clears away all the confusion and removes our locks and blocks until all we know is the Love we are within.  It brings us into the now moment where healing, balance and harmony is able to grow, develop and expand.  Where we 'knot' up with a sense of falsehood, compassion unties that 'knot' and sets us free.  Pain belong to the past and it should be released back to the past for us to get past it.  Compassion reminds us of the Love that surrounds us, sustains us and supports us in the creation and beyond.  Love pervades the universal and cosmic planes of existence and it is in all living and loving beings, no matter how veiled, lost, isolated or hidden we can be.  Love is the energy of life and it provides openings for inspirations, aspirations, unity, connections and Grace.  With true compassion opened, awakened and alive in our systems, Love can and will flood our self with greater truth and resonate more and more with an expanded feeling of Love.  Veils of pretense cannot stand up to compassion just as fear cannot stand up to Love.  Let Love through, feeling and filling yourself with true compassion.  Become that Love you are already!


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