World View Perspective: Compassion is without judgment

To consciously surrender self judgment and judgment towards others, allows our high Heart to open to compassion.  When we are experiencing Compassion towards our self and others, judgment is absent.  Judgment is a negative and constricted view and perspective which effectively locks and blocks us in.  Loving, active Compassion flows freely without restriction and fills us with joy, truth and Love.  It unites us with Source instead of preventing us from feeling the Oneness of life.  When we think or feel as if we are separate from the Source of Infinite Love, then negativity, judgment and falsehood can derail us from our greater truth, Love and Compassion.  Consequently, we get pulled into a closed minded perspective and evolving or progressing further is inhibited.  Compassion opens the Heart and expands our perspective, inviting, enabling and allowing a greater connection and experience of Source.  In that state, we know nothing is really separate from the Love itself.  The true Force of Love enables and supports the whole of creation and it is not possible to be separate from that Force of Love.  We just have to focus on our Highest Heart to remember who we really are within.  Allowing that Love to and through, resets our energy and vibration to Love, healing and truth because we fill with the true experience of Compassion with nothing in our way!


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