World View Perspective: Compassion is the Heart's Understanding

When Compassion is activated in us, it is knowledge in the Heart that opens.  Compassion reveals to us our humanity along with our inner connection to the bigger picture.  In a snapshot, we can feel the depth of Love for our self and all we have experienced and the same deep heart-felt response towards others.  This Love is truth through the Heart.  It shows us we are not separate from the force of Love itself.  The truth of Love is dynamic as it is present.  Pure Love cuts through any and all barriers that have false origins.  It is like a lightening strike against a darkened sky, in a flash, all is revealed that the clouds hoped to hide.  When the flashes of Compassion come, all is illuminated because in those moments, the light of Love is present.  Ego may feel real to us but, in fact, that isn't who we really are.  Our Light goes much further and much higher than our ego and the limitations of the ego.  When we only identify with our mind and body, in terms of who we are, we deny the existence of our full and whole self.  Our deeper, higher self is also accessible and once we can access it, a whole new perspective comes with it.  We realize how connected we all are and how, in union through the Heart, through a living Compassion, we can collectively 'lift up" the masses.  Try walking by someone you don't know and sending the energy of Love to them.  Energetically, they can feel it.  They might respond for no apparent reason or just step a bit lighter as they pass by.  We are capable of sending and receiving positive energy to those around us through the Heart and it's intentions.  If we could all experience the Heart's Compassion and pass it on to others to awaken their Hearts, that Love could encircle the globe and transform us all.  When we open to our Heart's understanding through Compassion, we enable others to do the same.


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