World View Perspective: Compassion for the human experience

Honoring and respecting all aspects of the human experience, along with the gift of discernment, compassion is the best application to uplift the entire experience.  Gratitude and forgiveness are useful, positive and inspiring energies that accentuate our compassion.  Love itself has great Compassion for us.  Love itself as a Universal, Cosmic force understands the human experience and behaviors, as well as the pain, struggle and misery we all experience.  When we consciously, actively open our hearts to that higher level of Love and acceptance, along with discernment, we realize that it is through the Heart; it's Love, understanding and compassion, all other human experiences, in terms of any withheld negativity, are released.  Compassion wants us to surrender any misery to it so we can instead, fill with self-compassion until full, spilling out onto the whole of life.  A heart full of Love and Compassion vibrates that joy effortlessly to others, allowing more to transform and change the overall vibration of where we stand and all that we see.  Every age and stage of life has merit, validity and purpose when seen through the eyes of development and growth; physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.  The point is to keep going and growing through opening our heart and minds to higher and higher experiences of Love and joy.  To do that, aspire to open, know and experience compassion/Compassion and invite compassion to be your constant companion in Love, right into your human experience!


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