World View Perspective: The voice of truth

Our high Heart speaks gently to our own heart and offers Loving guidance to truth and peace in our system.  Contemplation and meditation are practices that enable us to access our 'voice' within.  Sitting quietly in nature does too.  Our Heart knows the truth and, through compassion, it understands our own human nature and the nature of others.  In order to speak it in ways that others can hear, we have to speak through our third chakra, which is our personal power seat.  It is above the navel.  If this personal power chakra is closed, disabled or out of balance, we cannot bring our True Voice forward.  Emotional depression, suppression, oppression and repression are some of the factors that can prevent people from 'owning' their own power in terms of speaking their truth.  Fear is another block that prevents us from speaking our truth.  This fear can be surrendered to our higher power when we sincerely offer it up to our highest and highest aspiration to 'clear the fear'.  When this fear clears, we are literally able to speak truth from our True Self.  Then our system feels empowered and we can stand in our own true sense of self.  From this stand, it is easier to know who we are versus who we are 'knot'.


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