World View Perspective: A woman's worth

If Peace is possible, how to manifest it in the world?  If knowing what Love is allows us to know Peace in the Heart, could it be said that our best hope for Peace in the world is through a women's system and her drive for balance, truth and harmony in the home, with her husband and family? Are women the best vessels for World Peace and harmony among nations?  What other force on earth can have such a positive affect on males and their raw emotions other than women?  Women use their whole lives, drives, intelligence and energy to make things work for others, working for positive outcome for the many, not just the one.  With so many tensions in the world today, could it be time for women to step forward and usher in a new era of Peace, Love and Harmony for all?  It will take courage and support from those around us all to bring about change. Yet, to bring balance, hope and joy to our current structure, perhaps a more creative, fluid and flexible approach, much more feminine in nature, is the answer.  At best, it is a question worth considering, given the natural inherent nature of women all around the world.


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