World View Perspective: True human worth and value

Our greatest worth and value is to know that our true reality is our highest consciousness.  Being aware of who we are through the overall consciousness of the heart soul self allows the truth to set us free.  This is because, in truth, we are the consciousness of the now moment.  When we know we are not the past, because we are in the current moment, we consciously bring our highest awareness into areas of life that are not yet consciously aware.  By doing so, the light of consciousness lifts up the existing density.  In this way, who we are lights the way for others to do the same.  In the now moment, we are enough and we have enough and we can be thankful in our hearts to the Love that ultimately provides for our life.  All levels of reality have a consciousness and when we are actively, consciously a part of that, we know we are not separate from that Love.  Embracing the Love and consciousness, we vibrate that truth into our cells and the world while it consciously transforms us and all around us.  This is our greatest worth and value.


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