World View Perspective: Integration of Light

Accessing our expanded Light and understanding the physics of energy as it pertains to a cosmically expanded intelligence, we can feel very much outside our human body. Bringing that awareness back into our dense human physical body does not always translate easily or directly in terms of communication and understanding.  Maybe we just know it as an experience, function or an expression of our Light but it is not integrated in our day to day experience of life.  The key to remember is that our cells are also made of Light, not just our heart and soul.  Our very human body does remember consciousness and it will respond to the integration process.  The Cosmic source of Light, the Universal connection of Light, our human cellular Light and the Light of earth are all the same Light.  It is the intelligence of Consciousness itself.  As we consciously open ourselves to receive and take in more and more Consciousness, the more we can integrate our whole system with it.  In this way, transformation becomes effortless, understandable and a welcomed new renewal.  


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