World View Perspective: Inner worth

When we falsely identify ourselves or others with any degree of financial gain, loss or holdings in terms of the person's true worth or value, we enter a state of confusion.  Our true worth and value comes from within us.  Our heart carries the biggest value of all because it is through our heart's clarity and intelligence that we can access and know the highest Love, Light and Truth in this world.  To see and know our own true self through the eyes of Infinite Love and full Acceptance is saying Y. E. S. to the highest potential a human being can have.  Listening to our heart, we can be guided to the truth in our lives, just by being open to the Love we carry deep within.  This inner worth and true value is the greatest aspect of being human that we can manifest in this world.  It is our true nature and the one true aspect that allows us to be the Love we want to see in the world.  This is our infinite worth and value. The consciousness of the highest Love, Light and Truth is our soul's greatest vibration and when it is in conscious union with the One Soul that supports the world, transformation is attained, achieved and our highest aspiration is met.  Our inner worth then shines through as a pure and positive golden consciousness, which illuminates all around it.  Separation ceases to exist and Peace is attained.


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