World View Perspective: Accepting our own healing

Becoming aware of and developing other abilities, using our intelligence in our human system, allows us the mobility and creativity to improve our selves and our situation.  Being mindful of what our heart is telling us, what our energy level has to say or what we are truly aware of in terms of other people is quite useful.  Once we become aware of the extended Light, Love and Truth we carry, in terms of consciousness, we can use that consciousness to affect positive change.  Understanding that we carry unconsciousness and consciousness in our human system, we see that we have the ability to use our consciousness to bring our own unconsciousness to light, thus making it conscious.  In other words, we can change our energy at will to reflect positive health, healing and happiness.  We can effectively free up what has been stuck through using our light to open up what has been hidden, even from ourselves.  Often we shut down aspects of ourselves due to fear.  Once we use our consciousness to shine light on that old fear, it cannot be hidden and stuck anymore.  Accepting our own healing can be a daunting task and yet it is another aspect of our intelligence; becoming aware that all we need is already within us and it is good.


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