World View Perspective: Peace in Understanding Worth

What we are worth is not, in truth, measured by financial means.  Our real worth is what is in our hearts in terms of acceptance, understanding, compassion and truth.  We are not money, money is an energy and a life force that enables us to live our lives.  When and if we identify with money as a way to define ourselves or someone else, we stop the truth in their heart and soul from being more of what it is and we limit their ability and our own from becoming a greater light in the world.  A fear of lack shows little faith in all that is possible and the fear serves as a wall that prevents the greater opening to trust and truth in abundance.  To experience peace in one's system and life means not identifying with one's money but rather feeling gratitude that it is in our life to enable our lives to go forward.  Going forward in positive ways towards one's true aspiration, inspires more abundance to come our way in a natural flow and order of what is correct.  It is a way to align with peace in our self and the world.


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