World View Perspective: Letting Go

The joy of consciousness is in the awareness that when we let go and Let God, we shift from an old perspective to a new one.  Carrying burdens in our body, as if they are still true today, only holds us back.  We are on earth to experience life and to learn, grow and develop our awareness and consciousness until we ultimately understand we are not separate from Truth and Love.  We are here to expand our knowledge and be in union with our Highest Intelligence.  Letting go in Love and gratitude allows the old to be Lovingly surrendered and the new joyfully embraced.  If a tree wasn't willing to drop all its spring, summer to fall leaves, how would it have room to grow through sprouting the new ones? When we let go, knowing what we experienced was a necessary part of the path we are on in life, we trust we are ready for the next step. Letting go and moving on in faith and trust, ultimately allows us to know all of life is about moving forward to greater and greater understanding, consciousness and awareness of life itself.


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