World View Perspective: Compassion

Conscious practice of the fine arts of forgiveness and gratitude open our hearts to Love as a positive energy to live by and with to enhance our life, health and joy in living.  Forgiveness and gratitude are free and easy to access and when we apply them to ourselves, too, they open our hearts to a greater sense of self compassion.  When we can forgive our self, forgive all others and forgive our past, we create the space for Love and compassion to fill us with a much more positive vibration.  Gratitude for all that has brought us into each "now moment" also keeps our hearts full and reminds us of the power of Love in each breath we take.  The more Love we feel, the more we heal and the joy of life becomes more real.  Self compassion naturally opens us to greater compassion for others as it also extends to the world.


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