World View Perspective

The understanding of "Hear Earth Heart: A New Era of Consciousness" is that the primary use of the human mental faculties and developed intellect has been for life to work and go on in all manners that provide stability, foundation and safety through generations of time.  In order to facilitate other human aspects of development with the intent to further the human mind and expand our abilities, opening and exploring other key components in the human overall system will be instrumental for greater growth to occur.  Just like all ages and stages of human development and growth, the development of the Heart and intuitive factors of the intelligence of feeling must also be explored.  Abilities to heal, restore balance and provide compassion, understanding and useful movements forward for one to continue their growth, typically come most naturally from the more feminine perspective.

As women become more willing to aspire within themselves to go beyond their ideas about who they are, including understanding their intelligence of feeling and to trust it, their sense of self will expand to new heights of experience.  When the males, who encourage, support, respect, understand and uplift these aspects in females will also step forward, real change can and will occur.


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