World View Perspective: Peace

The human system is capable of reaching and attaining Peace.  Peace of mind, peace of heart, peace of understanding.  It starts with forgiveness, which leads to compassion.  Applying compassion to our self, our life and everyone in it from the very beginning, to where we stand right now in our lives, frees us from holding back any locks, blocks or shocks our system may have sustained earlier in our life.  When people are unconscious, choices, judgments and actions are confusing.  Through forgiveness of our self and others, we are able to let those times and situations go, freeing up our self and our system to welcome in more Love and compassion.  The more we develop Love and compassion, the more our life becomes that for our self and others.  When we feel at Peace with our self, our system and our life, Peace is what we are and continue to become.  This activate Peace in others too.


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