World View Perspective: Love

Love exists in the hearts of all mankind.
The individual ego and life in the earth-plane are like two dark shadows that overwhelm and smother love.  It is challenging to live constantly loving life and all that it comprises when simple existence seems to be of more immediate concern.  But when we look around us, we see an absolutely wonderful world, filled with people, birds and animals, plants, things – both man-made and natural, and every variety of life surrounding us.  When we contemplate what life really is and what it presents and provides for us, we are filled with wonder at just being alive and being able to appreciate living in this world of abundant beauty. 

So how can we each not open our hearts to let our own love join with the beauty that surrounds us?  When we do, what will happen?

As each person opens his own heart, his love will expand and grow, joining with others’ love to become an ever increasing force.  Mankind is meant to love life, nature, and all our surroundings.  When this love comes forth, there will be peace in each of our hearts, and there will be peace in the world.


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