World View Perspective for Peace

For a new era of consciousness to begin, as "Hear Earth Heart: A New Era of Consciousness" sees as possible, it has to be determined and agreed that the old must open to allow in the new.  If we stand back for a broader view, it seems one obvious shift and change, and new opening, would be for women to step forward and be clear about their strength, worth and value.  Women have the ability to open men to a higher perspective, taking their "raw" unexpressed emotions and using that energy to open the real heart of manWith a greater Love expressed, a new understanding and compassion is possible, which can usher in peace.  In that same manner women can open to their living truth as well, which is the force of Love.  Given the ability to affect change in both women and men, we would all win as would the world and all who abide here.  

This is a bold statement yet courage is a trait of a strong heart. It is time for us all to have the courage of Heart to change the world.


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