World View Perspective: Unlocking our system's fears

The continual conscious, active work of collaborating with our human consciousness and the BIGGER CONSCIOUSNESS is an ongoing evolution.  Our very cells carry LIGHT and they can be renewed with positive intention to activate that inherent LIGHT!  That LIGHT is capable of shining all the way back to and through the Universal and Cosmic planes of existence.

That LIGHT is also capable of engaging our human system to lighten and brighten our self and our world and others in our world and also, it is useful in erasing and eradicating our collective and individual fears.

Fears can be big or small or hide, never appearing at all!  They can be imaginary, real, projected, fed, created in childhood, handed down from parents, consciously or unconsciously, or a small seed can become a great big living tree within or it can be a continual fear or a continual condition, causing perpetual fears.  Finding the fears to clear them or cancel them in order to function better within ourselves, within a group, within society takes conscious, active determination, effort, awareness and trust.

What do we trust to help us feel them, realize them or decide to cancel them?  We use our own LIGHT!  Just like a young child, hiding in their bedroom because they are so convinced there is a monster lurking somewhere, unseen, ready to bounce on them.  Once the parent comes and shines a light on the darkened corner, reassuring the child they are in deed safe, can the child see for themselves all is well.  They eventually realize it was their own fears that created the non-existent monster.

We should have no shame, blame, judgment, deep worries or concerns towards any fears we have carried now or throughout our lifetime to date.  They were carefully placed in our systems for some reason, until or unless, we ferret them out to release them.  Until we let it be time for them to go.  We have that power.  Just like washing down a driveway or power washing a house.  It can be as dirty, as caked over, as cluttered or as confusing as possible, until or unless, we decide to clear it up and clean it up!

Letting go of fears in our human system is very similar to that.  It isn't to say we should throw all caution to the wind either.  Caution is a good thing to feel, to exercise, to apply and to keep in our awareness.  It keeps us alert, it keeps us sharp and it keeps us on our toes.  It helps us to survive, thrive and live.  Animals certainly employ it, too.  Caution is very different than fear, however.  Fear can lock us in, block us in, and prevent us from enjoying and living out our life.  

It has been said that F.E.A.R. stands for 'false evidence appearing real'!  Most fears in life never actually happen, except in our minds!  They can be so severe they can become crippling fears that can actually affect our health and impact our happiness.

Again, we have the power within us to clear the fears out that are not ours or, which have, at least, been outgrown by now in our lives.  Like trimming a flower bush of old dried up blossoms, dead flowers or buds that didn't develop.  Letting the old dried up fears go allows a fresh clean new space to be created and generated for brand new LIGHT to fill it.

Use your own inner LIGHT to see what has been locked in or blocked in in you, possibly preventing your path forward.  Let that LIGHT shift what has been stuck so new motion and movement become real!  Fill your system and bathe your system in the LIGHT OF FAITH instead of fear and watch what happens!

Trusting ourselves and trusting our own inner LIGHT, creates a stronger sense of self and reveals a fresh new beginning of LIFE, LOVE and LIGHT to continue on our journey to and through life and it is G. O. O. D.!  FILL WITH YOUR LIGHT and say goodbye to age old unneeded and unnecessary fears.  Feel yourself and your life fill with positive energy and JOY!  LET IT BE YOU AND LET IT BE GOOD!!


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