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World View Perspective: We are not what the world shows us

Our parents do us a great service, whether they meet all our needs or not.  They have the responsibility to teach us how best to survive in the world, based on what they know, understand and have experienced themselves.  If they are limited to just basic information, knowledge, experience or education, whether it is due to gender limitations, financial restrictions or based on their parents and their limitations, they cannot offer more than what they know.  Gratitude and forgiveness for what they provided is essential for our growth and, in many cases, our current health and happiness and certainly for our healing.

As adults, one of the greatest gifts we can receive is the developed ability to discern what was 'fed' to us by others, beginning in early childhood when we were not able to discern for ourselves.  As we grow and develop, we play out all the expectations, assumptions, self-images, imposed needs, old hurts, old anger, old resentments from those around us, whether subc…

World View Perspective: Happiness and Health at our core

If we can imagine our core sense of self/Self by looking deeply within and begin to feel the depth of happiness and health we could ever experience, coming from there, anything not that or in the way of that could go.  Why is this?  Because when we know who we are based on who we are not, the 'knot' begins to give way, and our True Self begins to emerge.

Imagine a beautiful daisy or any other flower you are drawn to developing from within your core.  As this lovely perfected flower begins to open and grow with your own awareness, know that that center of the flower cannot be penetrated or negatively affected by anyone or anything, ever.  Know that this inner flower is strong and clear and it is you at your essence.

This golden center of the emerging flower contains within it the perfect vibration of Health and Happiness for you.  Know that it can and will discern what is best for you and your system to gain and maintain your perfected balance of mind, body, heart and soul.  As n…

World View Perspective: When we go against our heart, we suffer

Our human heart connects us to our bigger, expanded Heart, which links us directly to the HEART of the COSMIC SOUL.  When we can hear it, acknowledge it, understand it, listen to it fully and let it guide us, we align more fully with who we really are!

Our ego mind takes us on a journey, too, with it's drive, it's need for self-fulfillment, self-acknowledgement and self-identification.  Yet, it is up to us and our lifetime and life cycle to realize what aspect of us we are aware of, listening to, following and what desires we are hoping to fulfill.  Not to mention, what others around us want and need or expect from us, too.  There are also life forces that can play on us and distract us away from listening to, understanding and following our hearts.

When our Heart speaks, we are wise to listen and begin an honest dialogue with it, respecting it's direction and LOVE for us.  Our HEART of Hearts will always guide us to the right and perfect situation for us, when we give our H…