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World View Perspective: The real key to our positive health and happiness

The real key to our most positive health and happiness is the integration of heart, mind, body and soul.  The four aspects of being human and spiritual need to be balanced, harmonious and whole in order for us to receive the greatest energy and joy for our most inspired and uplifted lives.  This is what ensures PEACE is experienced throughout our human systems.
Our Highest aspects want to guide us there so we wake up to our true and highest potential of being human.  If we are not naturally gifted to have everything already balanced and harmonious, we can be guided to where that new learning can take place.  Perhaps there are classes we can take, experiences we can have, people we can meet or partners we can go through life with and learn from to integrate that needed and necessary balance.
Working with our spirit and soul aspects will help us to seek the inner LIGHT, LOVE and CLARITY needed to collaborate with our sincere efforts to become healthier and happier through integration of h…

World View Perspective: Freedom from our past wounds

If we imagine a thorn going into our arm from a rose bush outside our selves and it buries itself deep into our arm, we can imagine the pain we'd feel.  However, if we don't take immediate action to remove it, that thorn can dig deeper into our arm and we can forget it is there! Perhaps over time, with even greater infection, then it can render our arm useless.  Maybe we don't want to remember it went into our arm, maybe we don't want to remember where it came from or maybe even consider why it might be there.  We might just want to forget about it even existing.

Yet, gone untreated, that nasty torn can become our own undoing because we denied it ever existed.  We might feel like it is our own fault it is even there.  However, if it goes unchecked, the long term havoc that it can ensue is tremendous!

The thorn can be likened to people's attitudes towards us in terms of their anger, jealousy, envy, hatred, bias, a need to get ahead or just plain rudeness but it can ha…